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But there’s something about the online world that makes these kind of situations seem nonchalant and fun, you meet someone cute but they’re not 100% right but then you meet someone else who strangely happens to be a friend of theirs and you get along better. Too much social media starts to dilute the conversation, when you’ve already watched what they’ve done all day via Snapchat, why would you text them?It happens and it can be fun – only if you’re not the one getting ghosted of course. If you’re following them on Instagram and liking their photos, why would you need to text them and show interest.

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Citizens of countries in this category do not need to apply for a visa in advance.

They can get a Zimbabwe visa upon arrival in Zimbabwe.

A girlfriend of mine was deeply talking with a guy for a few months, who then matched with her best friend, he ended up ghosting her but carried on talking to her best friend.

Of course he must’ve insta-stalked her, he would’ve seen that they were friends.

Now that ‘online dating’ is no longer secretive or taboo, it’s officially become a day-to-day part of our lives, whether you or your friends are on Tinder, Raya, JSwipe or just sliding in someone’s DM’s.

But the term ‘online dating’ already feels so dated; it’s not really relevant for our generation.

Citizens in Category C need to apply for a Zimbabwe visa before travelling to Zimbabwe.

You can do this online at (go to the ‘Apply’ tab). After completing the online form, you will be emailed a document to use upon arrival in Zimbabwe.

In other words, they’re just looking for that initial physical attraction. And the whole point of these apps is meant to be the immediacy, but weirdly most people don’t even message the person they’ve matched with. If your girl has 200 matches, rest assured she’s probably only spoken to 20 of them. It’s all kinda unnecessary and distracts from the real question.

It doesn’t really matter who messages who first, we don’t live in the 50s. Do you like this person, and would you sleep with them?

If you’re on an app, you’re probably kinda thirsty and DTF or at least curious. Have you ever seen that meme ‘when you’re 46 weeks deep into lurking and you see something you don’t want to see…’ yeah, that’s why you should avoid doing it.

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