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Starting with one helicopter in 1979, ITALAIR (Italian Air) is one of the oldest units in the mission.

Over the years, Italian pilots deployed with UNIFIL have transported more than 145,000 passengers.

A farmer transplants rice in a paddy field in the Philippines.

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Favreau's film ended up with the title "Chef", and was released in 2014, while Sony's "Chef" changed its title to "Adam Jones" in 2014, was retitled "Burnt" in 2015, and was released by The Weinstein Company in October 2015. It is special when divorced parents can get along and do things with their kids.

See more » I did not expect such a talented cast of actors mostly in small parts. The story moved quickly and I loved how the son used twitter and they incorporated social media into the story.

Throughout history, insect pests have posed challenges by spreading diseases, damaging crops and affecting environments, causing damage of more than 70 billion dollars a year.

Food irradiation protects packaged food from microbial and insect contamination.

6 April 2018 - As the world officially remembers the genocidal murder of 800,000 Rwandans in 1994, United Nations leaders warn that ethnic cleansing and mass atrocities continue to blight humanity and call for sharper action to prevent such wholesale violations.

Await Said looks at her newborn grandson Ayah, who suffers from jaundice and sepsis and weighs only 1.3 kilograms, as he lies in an incubator at the Juba Teaching Hospital, Juba, South Sudan, in January 2018.6 April 2018 - The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday marked World Health Day, and the agency’s 70th anniversary, with a strong call for universal health coverage, to ensure that all people can get quality health services, where and when they need them, without suffering financial hardship.In doing so, Carl discovers he is serving up more than simply food, but also a deeper connection with his life and his family that is truly delicious in its own way.Before this film was produced, there was another film written by Steven Knight with a similar plot and also titled "Chef" being developed by Sony Pictures since 2007. It is about the chef and then the food truck, but it really is about him and his son.Those frustrations boil over into a raucous viral-videoed public confrontation against a restaurant critic who panned his cooking of food that his boss ordered him to make against his instincts.Now with his career ruined, Carl's ex-wife offers an unorthodox solution in Miami: refit an old food truck to offer quality cooking on his own terms.What if everyone had access to the health services they need?

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