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‘Cat Person’ is a short story published on ‘The New Yorker’.

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While she has discussed it in her sets as an amateur stand-up comic, participating in Date Lab is, she says, the “most out thing” she’s done yet. In her Date Lab profile, she lightly roasted herself for sharing multitudes of lesbian stereotypes, including owning the Indigo Girls’ entire catalogue and being owned by a cat.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Savopoulos, 27, has been out since high school, during which she had her first long-term relationship. “Pretty early on we whipped out our phones and did a little oohing and ahhing over each other’s pets,” said Elizabeth, who met Pamela at Bistro Bis on Capitol Hill.

It turns out the cats can speak and are in need of your help.

After playing through some story establishment, the demo skips to a date with one of the aforementioned felines.

Purrfect Date's writing has a dry British wit reminiscent of shows like Blackadder and Father Ted.

The game which could immediately be labelled as a creepy cat dating game, which is how I originally perceived it, has more layers than first appears.

At Story District’s “Worst Date Ever: A Valentine’s Day Story Contest” — 8 p.m.

Move over Dream Daddy, there's a new dating simulator in town and it's considerably... Purrfect Date is the adorable new six-chapter title from Bossa Studios' Bae Team encompassing a visual novel, dating simulator and dark British comedy all in one meow-nificent game.

Over beers, they discussed their mutual ballet and theater backgrounds, as well as the solo trips each took to Gettysburg, Pa., this summer.

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