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Unfortunately I didn't really see any encouraging signs in or around the hotel whilst there, plus hotel has a security man stationed 24/7 near the elevators which didn't help matters. Moved to Zirka Hotel, which is a very budget hotel that I'd read locals use when they want to screw.The rooms in this hotel are very close together and the walls very thin, and judging by the noise at all hours of the night, the guests were definitely getting it on, though with who, I don't know.Agency said girl on site was fake photo, and send me on viber, 4 photos of girls available instead. Since the rooms were windowless and the A/C wasn't working, we both were soaked in sweat.

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With only the Brunette left, I approached again and reasoned with her, until she finally agreed to go me to Zirka Hotel.

The brunette was quite well educated and had a nice personality.

I think she was just being overly protective of her friend.

Though she didn't ask for any money this time, because of the awkwardness factor and due to how tiny my room was, I refused and said I just wanted the 1 girl.

We finally ended up agreeing that she would come along and stay outside of room in the foyer whilst I banged her friend. Both Girls let me take pictures with their faces turned. She looked older than the picture, but from the get go, this lady was very very enthusiastic especially during DATY.

The blonde had a slightly more sexy figure than her slender brunette friend. Unfortunately I can't share them, cause both are sweet girls who are clearly very cautious about what they do, and I wouldn't want to put them in any further jeopardy. This time called a girl I saw on a agency website (can't remember which one). She was enjoying it so much that I must have been down there for at least 25-30 mins.

So after doing my homework, preparing my trip, I just got 5 phone numbers of non-pros.

I met 2 of them, both great, but now I have nothing more, because the 3 left, one doesn't want to do BBBJ, so it's a no go for me, another one ask 100 dollars for 1 hour without BBBJ, no way, and the last one has canceled 3 meetings.

What if she is beautiful, but at this very moment smells not so appropriately, just because. For Christ's sake, where are you going to take the shower before and after? They are not interested in foreigners, Odessa is full of foreigners every Summer, nothing new for them.

What if she is beautiful, but at this very moment smells not so appropriately, just because. Furthermore now they can go in Europe easily without visa. If you use Mamba you can find about 60 profiles, girls from 18-30, that are looking for sex or a sponsor.

I walked around Zirka Hotel, especially near the corner of Uspenska St, and Preobrazhenska St, cause I'd read on the forum about the possibility of street walkers. I walked down to Derybasivska st, very later at night, saw many cute looking girls drinking and having fun at the bars near the Mc Donalds, but none seemed obviously to be P4 P.

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