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County Leitrim takes its name from the pretty village of Leitrim which straddles the Shannon Erne canal, Europe's longest inland navigable waterway.

Once a place of strategic importance in history and a stronghold of the O'Rourkes, it is now the home of one of Ireland's most luxurious castle hotels, Lough Rynn.

There wasn't an ounce of hesitation about marrying Tab.

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"In college, I dated a few guys before meeting Tab and all of those relationships were hard.

I mean sometimes they'd call when they said they were going to and sometimes they didn't.

From the beginning, I was a priority in his life and there was instant trust.

I don't want to use the term..."I just knew", but it's kind of true.

The historic castle is set in 350 acres of breathtaking scenery with walkways through romantic Victorian walled gardens.

The hotel boasts an award winning restaurant which is an ideal venue for intimate dinner dates.None of those relationships were serious, but they just weren't easy.When Tab and I began dating, it was VERY different.When we met we were both seniors in college, so at that point we both knew what we were looking for in a future spouse.Things progressed rather quickly, eight months later we were engaged.Their names and logos are the exclusive property of their respective owners. First is owned by Snap Interactive (Ticker: STVI), a publicly traded company.

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