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Then Albert Bouchard says the tour is not happening. I wish I could remember more about the setlist but it was 45 years ago. Edgar Winter's White Trash was on the bill in their place.

:( A few days later we got the telegram from Elektra.... I've googled "Labor Day" and apparently it's the first Monday in September, so in 1970 that'd be 7th September, so at last that gives me the date that Joe actually joined the band and as a corollary, marks the end of Andy Winter's tenure in the band. If Joe joined on 7 Sept with high hopes of playing a Zepp gig - actually, Joe says he was told by Albert it was going to be a "tour"!! The 14th Aug Zepp gig had been cancelled by the 12th August - nearly 4 weeks earlier!! This was a tour put on by Columbia Records to promote three of the new acts. Blue Oyster Cult did come back to play the college on the Agents of Fortune tour.

The purpose of this page is to try and document all the known performances of The Soft White Underbelly, Stalk Forrest Group, as well those that occurred in the immediate aftermath of their transition into Blue Oyster Cult.

That's officially speaking, of course, because Albert has said that they recruited Joe into the band before Andy Winters was gone, because the experience with Les Braunstein had left them worried about being left in the lurch with committments to fulfill and a missing bandmate...

Stop Press: OK, regarding my posited dates above, it looks like I was trying to apply logic to something that was operating outside logic.

I stood right next to Donald and Andy Winters, their original bassist, who was quite good. The boys were tight and fast and rocked hard even then. One of their best performances was at the Grateful Dead concert in the gym. Of course, his earlier band, David Peel & The Lower East Side had been on a bill with the SWU and the Mc5 on that infamous New Years Eve bill at the Broadway Central Hotel in 1968, but that one unfortunately had it's plug pulled and it didn't take place - what a gig that would have been!

Donald was all over his guitar, as the saying goes. I asked Harold for some more info: No, it was a big day at the Sheep Meadow... :-( Regarding other bands on the bill, I only remember just the two of us... this seems to be a different gig to the one Les remembers as being at Riverside Park.

There were people dancing on the very expensive antique tables. The party was actually set up through Crawdaddy, and it was a welcome home party for Marietta's other daughter, Frankie Fitzgerald, on her return from Vietnam.

She had been there researching her Pulitzer Prize-winning book "Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam", a topic only too well known to her father, Desmond Fitzgerald, a wealthy CIA operative who was a well known spy in SE Asia and ran CIA operations there before and during the Vietnam War.

They (The Soft White Underbelly) played once at the Coach House in Stony Brook in a low-ceilinged room, one of whose walls bore an advertisement for "The Soft White Underbelly: a classic rock quintet." Therefore, I'm placing this gig before Les joined - maybe January 1968?

I'm also placing it before the next few gigs with because Jeff Richards tells me he didn't play this gig, and I want to group the shows he did play together in a contiguous block...

Here are some recent (Jan 2015) Facebook posts on the subject: This is an interesting ad.

When Albert called me up in the middle of the night in August of '70 asking me to join the band he said "you gotta come right away because we're opening a tour for Led Zeppelin!

The title of the concert is "Blues Bag World War III". One bedroom had a fabulous mural of Jim Morrison and the Doors, artist unknown to me. I asked them if they needed songs--I had started writing some of my own. I do remember Josie and I went to see them live at a club in Brooklyn called Dynamite.

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