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I have already told my boyfriend that I dont trust men and I make jokes about him not being around much longer because he'll get sick of me, and he said well I'm not going anywhere & I'm too old to change.

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Women do this too," pitchforks down.) from all walks of life can empathize with how you're feeling.

We all come across bad eggs and relationships that second guess our judgements.

I was married for 18 yrs to an emotionally abusive husband who made me extremely unhappy, have been molested as a child & had an attempted rape by my best friend's husband so I just don't trust men in general.

All the bad dating experiences I've had with all varieties of players has only made it worse.

Eventually, some think "if I'm constantly accused of something I'm not doing, I might as well do it anyway since I'm already getting punished".

When he leaves, you'll just justify the situation for proving your assumptions correct. I've had some pretty f*cked up experiences, and deep down I don't 100% trust anyone.

Stopping destructive thinking is about learning new skills.

Kinda sad if you allow your fear it might end to screw up the chance for it to begin. If there is some sort of miracle cream you use, secret to life, or selling your soul involved; please let me know. All of you can put your "omg don't make it about gender.

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I have started a new relationship with a man who is probably the nicest guy I've ever dated and he is wonderful.

So part of what you need to do is learn to get a stop switch for the thinking/worrying track you put yourself on. Break out or separate out what you fear and what is really happening so you can see him clearly for who is is and what he is doing.

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