Wrt54g not updating dyndns

To avoid port conflicts, it’s better to use a number higher than 8000 but less than 60000.For example, if you have 3 cameras, you can use 10001, 1003.

I have loaded todays latest oscam and cygwin files and now it takes 3000m S to decrypt when with old files i get less that 160m S.

I have loaded latest oscam and all is well so far 30mins of running.

You have to define which devices can been accessed from the internet.

You do this by going into the firewall configuration screen (sometimes called a Port Forward screen or Application & Gaming) and tell it which IP addresses can be accessed and what port number they are using.

From that point on, since port 80 is the default, you must specify the port number after the IP address separated by a colon when accessing the camera, for example if you used 10002, you will use to view the camera from your browser at home.

STEP 2 Once you have a fixed IP address, the next step is to update your routers firewall with this information.For DNS, put either the gateway address or as a last resort. A port number is what is used to allow a single IP address to have multiple devices.The default is typically 80, but if you want to have more than one camera, you need to use a different number.This is composed of 4 numbers from zero to 255 that are separated by periods that is how you find your camera.Then you use a program the vendor provided on a CD that finds the IP address assigned to the camera. Downloads Place in the same folder of cygwin dlls and configuration files.

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