Wpf listview selecteditem not updating thedating info

By reading it you’ll discover what is the goal of this property, how to use it and some scenario where it is really useful and smart to use it.

A binding is done between two objects : the source (where the data comes from) and the target (where the data go to).

Hi, I am using CM for Xamarin Forms for android and i OS with Autofac as DI replacement.

If you want more info on it, you can read the MSDN page of this new property.

While creating apps with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) I noticed a weird behavior, but I’m not sure if it’s a bug. To explain it, I stripped down my code to the XAML-snippet below. For compiled data bindings (x: Bind) the event handler for the Lost Focus-event is generated in the Main Page.g.cs-file that you find in the obj\x86-folder of your project.

For compiled data bindings there’s no Update Source Trigger-property in the lastest UWP-version (Windows 10 Anniversary / Redstone 1) to change this “lost-focus” behavior.

With a classical data binding you could set the Update Source Trigger-Property of the data binding to Property Changed, so that the Text Box immediately updates the source after every change.

The complete code source of the Demo can be found on my dropbox folder after registration.

Again, it’s a discrete addition to the WPF framework but it’s a useful one !

And the Text Box will write the data back to the Selected Item after it was losing its focus.

But then the Selected Item is already a different one So in the Lost Focus-event handler for the Text Box – that you’ll find in the code for the compiled data binding in the obj/x86/Main Page.g.cs-file – you’ll see that the List View Item with the Content “Microsoft” gets the content “Microsoft”.

If and only if the binding is done in Two Way mode then the target is able to update the source value (the Text Block is able to update the View Model).

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