dating azdg in antigua and barbuda - Wpf listview selecteditem not updating

All we need to do is to create a Pointer Pressed-Event Handler that is called for handled events too.

In that Pointer Pressed-Event Handler we just focus the List View Item when it has been clicked.

For compiled data bindings there’s no Update Source Trigger-property in the lastest UWP-version (Windows 10 Anniversary / Redstone 1) to change this “lost-focus” behavior.

We will then have an interface which looks like this : On each change of the Selected Person, a time-consuming process is triggered on the UI thread in the setter. Sleep : When the delay is not set, navigation in the list is just slow and freeze the UI on each changes.

Just letting the ‘arrow down’ key makes the UI freeze too much for me.

The selection has already changed before this code is executed.

So the original and expected List View Item with the Content “Thomas” is never updated to “Lara Croft”.

Since WPF 4.5, the Binding has a new property named ‘Delay’ which defines a timespan after which the source is updated. As this is an added property on the Binding, you only have to define it on each Binding you create.

Each update of the target value will be done only after this delay and only if none has been done since. The delay is defined in milliseconds and the default value of ‘0’ reproduce the classic behavior of a Binding.

Hi, I am using CM for Xamarin Forms for android and i OS with Autofac as DI replacement.

I went through and in there was a snippet of using List View with selected item. , what tends to happen if people aren't careful is that they forget to clear it and going back and hitting the same item doesn't change the value and trigger the event.

Using safe cast instead of reflection because afaik List View is the only with this property. I'll double check this in later versions of the Forms across multiple platforms and if it's good then I'll add it in.

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