Cam rnadom chat xxx - Wpf datatemplate binding not updating

This release, again, contains some breaking changes.

I had thought you were asking about using a data Binding as the Value of a Style Setter.

So there's no easy solution that I can think of at the moment, although I think what you want to do has been done before.

I tried to make a smaller sample that reproduces the trick but i can't.

I should click in the diagram background after to deselect the both. When the user clicks on a Part that is not Is Selected, it calls Diagram. Clear Selection is defined as: public void Clear Selection() I don't understand...

Can you explain me the mechanism that allows to set n1. In one case, when i perform paste, n1 is selected, but when I click on n2, n1 is not deselected. Is Selected property with one of my model property. Paste, the Is Selected property is well defined, as my model property. Standard Mouse Select is the implementation of the standard selection behavior when there are mouse clicks. Select is defined as: public void Select(Part part) Diagram.

But in my project I got this situation : the Diagram. Is Selected is true, but Selected Parts, Selected Node et Selected Part are empty !!

Please note that minor visual changes can still occur if there’s a need for them.

A migration guide for the breaking changes is available here: Apps/Mah Apps.

See PR #1320 The overlay behavior of the elements of the window titlebar can now be controlled individually. For a complete list of fixes, see PR #1156 Flyouts now have an option to be automatically closed when the user clicks outside of the flyout. Metro documentation site lives at instead of Apps. The old links should still work and redirect to the top level domain.

There are is now an enum with four values: infrastructure along with several other fixes and improvements. After only 2 months and nearly 300 commits, this is one of the feature-richest releases we’ve ever done.

If i Pad-specific capabilities are required, it is necessary to modify i Pad behavior by setting capabilities on the pre-defined gateway ref ID "IPad" instead of by generating a new "IPad" ID by user agent matching.

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