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I just said let things be and see where it takes us.

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Wash, rinse, repeat until you’re about to snap your controller in two. You put it down for a few hours or overnight, come back to it fresh…

You might make a little progress only to die again and end up back where you were before… Your world narrows until nothing exists except trying to beat that section. and all of the sudden you blaze through that section as though it were It can be almost any task – a painting you can’t get quite right, a section of a writing project that you’ve deleted and re-written twenty times, trying to master a three-point free-throw… Just as your frustration with a game can inhibit your ability to play it, being determined to get a date or get laid can inhibit your ability to let your charm flow through you.

Instead, the real idea behind it is closer to the Taoist idea of trying can actually make things harder for you.

We’re less than a week away from Christmas, and less than two weeks from New Year’s, and it’s only natural for people to look at their lives right now and resent the fact that they’re single.

They want a girlfriend who will drag them out of their shells or make them more interesting people.

They want more sex because it “proves” they’re attractive or that they’re not “losers”.They want the life that they think has been denied to them and that other person is going to be the gateway to finally fulfilling all of their hopes and dreams.You can’t fill the hole in your life with a person any more than you can with sex, drugs or possessions. Sometimes when you’re focused on a task, it’s possible to get tunnel vision and lose your focus.Your aggravation leaves you tense and annoyed – not only does this bleed through to your interactions with other people, but it can also leave you focused on all the wrong areas.You might be absolutely determined to go out and meet someone via cold-approach that night, but your attention is entirely on making approaches and as a result, your body language and tonality is completely off. I guess my heart was telling me to give in run back my mind was not letting it trust through.

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