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Stop Max's Hippy Music Festival", Bethel Town Attorney Frederick W. Schadt and building inspector Donald Clark approved the permits, but the Bethel Town Board refused to issue them formally. The late change in venue did not give the festival organizers enough time to prepare.

At a meeting three days before the event, organizers felt they had two options: one was to complete the fencing and ticket booths, without which the promoters would lose any profit or go into debt; the other option involved putting their remaining available resources into building the stage, without which the promoters feared they would have a disappointed and disgruntled audience.

Read more about Gary’s work and life here Woodstock is committed to living by its principles- we believe in universal human rights, ethical business practices, unfettered creative expression, free trade, the loving care of our planet, the power of the individual to make a difference, and the overwhelming impact of communities to act as agents of peaceful change.

The original founders John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Michael Lang and their families formed Woodstock Ventures to create events and develop projects which are consistent with Woodstock's values.

Similar differences about financial discipline made Roberts and Rosenman wonder whether to pull the plug or to continue pumping money into the project.

In April 1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival became the first act to sign a contract for the event, agreeing to play for $10,000.

start time and omission from the Woodstock film (at Creedence frontman John Fogerty's insistence), Creedence members have expressed bitterness over their experiences regarding the festival. It famously became a "free concert" only after the event drew hundreds of thousands more people than the organizers had prepared for.

Tickets for the three-day event cost in advance and at the gate (equivalent to about 0 and 0 today).The organizers once again told Bethel authorities they expected no more than 50,000 people.Despite resident opposition and signs proclaiming, "Buy No Milk.The promoters had experienced difficulty landing big-name groups prior to Creedence committing to play.Creedence drummer Doug Clifford later commented, "Once Creedence signed, everyone else jumped in line and all the other big acts came on." Given their 3 a.m.The stage would be set up at the bottom of the hill with Filippini Pond forming a backdrop.

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