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If one does not wish to attend the local public school for any one of the legitimate reasons endemic to public schools, there is usually a private school nearby.

The cost of private schools, however, can be prohibitive, which is why many states have proposed school vouchers as a way to expand educational choice and opportunity—and yet it is axiomatic at this point to point out that the entrenched educational interests of our political system are savagely hostile towards the very idea of school vouchers, and to educational options in general.

” If one were to take the implications of these often-asked questions at face value, then one would be under the impression that, barring the state’s mandate, education would simply cease to exist, or its existence would be rendered so fragile and fleeting as to be essentially moot.

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Currently, every state has mandatory education on its books, many of them enacted during the heady early days of American progressivism, when liberal ideas seemed great and liberal failures were not yet readily apparent.

It should come as no surprise that many compulsory education mandates came about during the fight to abolish child labor, when one camp was attempting to remove children from the back-breaking factory and another was attempting to lock them into the soul- and mind-breaking brick house for several hours a day: out of the industrial frying pan and into the benumbing educational fire.

It also ignores the fact that bookstores and libraries exist, and that teaching and learning can and do occur regularly—and almost always better—outside of the government’s control.

And, of course, to do away with mandatory schooling does not mean that we must do away with public schools—we should only scrap the requirement to attend public schools, or any kind of school, and we should do away with any kind of state-prescribed curriculum which students must follow.

It takes a truly unimaginative and frightened mind to assume that government-required education is the only way in which widespread education is possible.

If compulsory education were abolished, the only thing that would not exist would be compulsory education.

It is possible, with some wrangling, to get somewhat around this sad state of affairs, but it can be fairly difficult, and all the ease in the world would not mitigate the offensive notion that one’s education is the indomitable purview of one’s government; it is deeply, unavoidably insulting that one even has to ask to opt out of an educational system.

Nevertheless, there are a few options under the compulsory regime.

The heroic efforts of the compulsion crusaders were often undertaken in the name of a kind of aggressive “socializing” or “Americanizing” of the nation’s children, or the children of immigrants in the case of the latter, in a perverse (though admittedly ancient) effort to mold a country of individuals into one of One.

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