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As I reported last Friday, Chelsy and her lover were joined on holiday in Turkey by Cressida’s half-brother, City investor Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, and his girlfriend, heiress Irene Forte, granddaughter of Trust House Forte founder Lord Forte.

Chelsy, who works for London law firm Allen & Overy, was previously courted by Matthew Mills, son of former Culture Secretary Dame Tessa Jowell and lawyer David Mills, and also by property developer Taylor Mc Williams, to whom Goode bears a striking resemblance.

Stoner also guest-starred in the television drama series House as a skater.

In 2011 Stoner started working with record producers, songwriters and a vocal coach to change her vocal style from "kiddie-pop" to a more soulful pop vibe with a little alternative edge for her first studio album.

Previous studies have suggested that genetics account for around a quarter to a half of variations in human intelligence.

The new research involving 99 chimpanzees from a wide range of ages showed that genes explained about 50% of the differences seen in their intelligence test scores.

She won Best Model of the Year at the International Modeling and Talent Association Convention in New York City under O'Brien's studio in 2000.

In 2001, Stoner became the co-host of the Disney Channel Mike's Super Short Show along with Michael Alan Johnson, an infomercial segment regarding forthcoming Disney releases.

Stoner released her debut EP entitled Beat the System in 2011.

She also appeared in Wii Fit related videos on the Nintendo Channel on the Wii video game console demonstrating balance exercises.

Lady Trumpington, 91, was widely applauded when she gave a televised two-finger gesture to her colleague Tom King, 80, after he said in the Lords that people who served during World War II were starting to look ‘pretty old’.

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