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So I had to go home and be away from the situation for a little while. It's so hard in the moment—you can't picture yourself with anybody else. Like, I think about my first boyfriend from college constantly. If a guy says, "I want to be with you," then great. One guy took me to dinner, and when the check came, he said, "How about we join forces on this one?

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They didn't begin dating until the series was over, however, as she was in a relationship with TV personality Ben Nemtin until 2011.

Rosenman served as an executive producer for the series, while Port was the show's biggest star.

When she starred on MTV's hit series The Hills, she was the only friend of Lauren Conrad who never caused any phony drama, and who wasn't afraid to give Lauren tough love.

It was Whitney who told her to take the summer internship in Paris instead of hanging out with her loser boyfriend, Jason; who said she was better off without Heidi in her life; who convinced Lauren that if you don't feel "the spark" with a guy you are dating, you should just move on.

I really want people to see me as a fashion designer first because it is what I've always wanted to do.17: Being on TV has affected The Hills girls a lot. I think it's hard to have a camera in your face every day. WP: I don't ever do anything based on what the producers think is going to be a good finale; it's not how I live my life.

It looks like Heidi, Audrina, and Stephanie have completely transformed themselves with plastic surgery. If you're not already confident about how you look, then you're going to want to do things to change it. Even though the cameras were there, it was a real, instant chemistry. And it was great, because I was new to the city and he introduced me to so many people—and I had this insta-life, and I was so happy. So with Jay, I just said it was just getting to be too difficult. But then it got to the point where I said, "I just want you to be with me.Now on her own show, The City, Whitney needs a little of her own advice.As the show comes back this fall for its second cycle, her life is full of drama.She is quitting her job at Diane von Furstenberg and starting at the public relations firm People's Revolution under the critical eye of Kelly Cutrone, who will also mentor Whitney as she builds her own fashion line.She is getting over her flaky musician ex, Jay, and has started dating like crazy.But I like to think that people will keep taking me seriously because I've shown that my head is still screwed on straight, I am motivated, and I do have a serious job.17: Did Lauren give you any advice? WP: I'm not designing clothes because I am on a reality show.

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