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It could be argued that his routine about things that seem anachronistic to him, such as the Royal Family and marriage, somehow echoes the disconnect between him and a wider group (i.e.mainstream society) but it would be somewhat tenuous to do so.

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His stories or anecdotes are often slight; a night alone in a hotel room prompts him resort to eating chocolate despite his vegan lifestyle; an aborted attempt to help a friend chat up a girl on a cosmetics counter; and, the weakest routine, a surreal retelling of a trip to Peru.

This would matter more were it not for the quality of Amstell's lines and asides “I believe she knew she was beautiful, and I believe that's all she knew” runs one of many piquant remarks that pepper the show.

Bill Bailey saved the day by finding a Preston lookalike from the audience to take his place.

is a British television presenter and radio personality.

Fifteen years and a showzbiz career later and Amstell maintains not much has changed.

“If you live alone and you don't make plans, you wake up and it just gets darker.”The slight problem with this show is not that it's star protests too much but that he occasionally proclaims too little.

Oliver made a brief appearance in May 2007 on the BBC programme Neneh & Andi Dish It Up – which is presented by her mother Andrea and "Auntie" Neneh Cherry – and has also made appearances on political talk show This Week, on 25 June 2009 and 17 December 2009.

In March 2010 Oliver made a programme for Channel 4's T4 called "Miquita's Oliver". The finished product was performed at the Hackney Empire to surprising critical acclaim.

She left her early morning show Oneclick to focus on TV projects.

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