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The lingering pleasure of Amstell's wordsmithery also helps paper the cracks of Numb's thematic structure.

Rather than hone in on the idea of social isolation, the curly mopped comic ranges over his neuroses in a more general way, never settling on something long enough to build on it.

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Oliver made a brief appearance in May 2007 on the BBC programme Neneh & Andi Dish It Up – which is presented by her mother Andrea and "Auntie" Neneh Cherry – and has also made appearances on political talk show This Week, on 25 June 2009 and 17 December 2009.

In March 2010 Oliver made a programme for Channel 4's T4 called "Miquita's Oliver". The finished product was performed at the Hackney Empire to surprising critical acclaim.

"Jewish seems less relevant to me than a conflicting family with an anxious person visiting every couple of weeks and trying to fix them."It feels very strange for it to be classified in this way.

1 Amstell’s first major TV exposure was as the rather cocky team captain of the Essex All-Stars on Channel 4’s Games Master in 1993, the show which featured Patrick Moore’s head.

This came straight after confessing that he might have been wrong in the past to have upset so many people … Such as Britney Spears who reputedly wept when he suggested on Popworld that she may have gone somewhat nuts.

And who can forget Preston who huffily stormed off Never Mind the Buzzcocks after a series of hilarious jibes aimed at his band The Ordinary Boys and then-missus Chantelle Houghton.

Then again, if we had the chance of winning ourselves an elegant flat-top desk, maybe we'd be that psyched, too.

A random spurt of smoke from a dry ice machine precedes Simon Amstell's appearance on the stage of the Reading Hexagon tonight. The wily charms of the 32 year old are not requiring of a pumped pomp, nor of any other obvious theatrics.

After an incident in mid-2010 in which Oliver was overheard insulting singer Kesha behind her back by Kesha's management, Oliver was suspended from T4 for six weeks and subsequently her contract was not renewed.

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