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Sometimes if they don’t have anything I just do old-fashioned pushups, situps, leg lifts, and table dips—you just turn everything in your room into something to work out on or work out with. ” His training is some of the craziest training I’ve ever seen. The same way going to the gym and doing something great for your body feels.You’ve got to get a little creative, and just do something. This song is one of those things that can even help inspire you when you’re in there getting your cardio on or getting your cycling on.

try to see if you can hold a note with out singing like a chipmunk or definatley not like a elephant!!!

check if your friends like your voice and be sure they are not lying!!!

In 2012, "Pony" was featured in a strip tease dance performed by Channing Tatum in the film Magic Mike.

Mike Patton and Rahzel together perform a cover of "Pony" during their concerts.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of suspended training trying to strengthen those weird muscles that we rarely ever use. I also just finished a verse with Jamie Foxx, and we did a tour as well. Anytime I feel like I don’t want to do one more set or anytime I feel like one last rep is going to kill me I say, “What would Mayweather do? He doesn’t stop and he understands the value in making sure he’s more than prepared.

I’m also getting back into UFC-style training with pads, jump rope, and lots of running. Finally, I’m starting my own tour with the record that we have out now called “You’re My Star.” I just kind of make do with whatever the hotel has available. I also have a secret mantra which nobody knows about, which is “What would Mayweather do? My new single is designed to make people feel good.When I really want to get into good shape I’ll go straight raw and vegan when I’m in-season training. I like to work out on an empty stomach so I get straight to the gym right before breakfast. I like to switch it up a lot, though, and confuse the muscles.I don’t want my muscles to get used to any one workout. Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank]—we’re going back out on tour soon overseas; our first stop is London.Celebrities and the fitness industry go hand in hand.Most celebs have made it a part of their careers to stay healthy and look good. A mainstay in modern R&B, this singer, songwriter, and producer has already got four albums and eight Grammy nominations under his belt.The album was produced by The Underdogs, B Cox, Timbaland, The Runners, Johnta Austin, Oak and Polow Da Don.

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