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WWE has diversified its brand exponentially within the past three years with the Performance Center, NXT, the Cruiserweight Classic, the weekly 205 Live show, and the United Kingdom Championship Tournament to its own subscription-based video streaming service, the WWE Network.

The fact of the matter is everybody will look at John Cena and say, ‘John Cena has consistently been this ‘Super Cena’ character and how can they not hear that half this arena hates him? Levesque worked on the New England independents as Terra Rzying, then in WCW as Jean Paul Levesque. Vince’s luxury was buying this company from his dad and knowing, ‘If I don’t do something big to get a bunch of money now, I’m going to miss a balloon payment, he’s going to get the business back, and I’m going to lose everything.’ It’s a mindset, and that is when Vince becomes his best. I know where I want to go, and I can patiently wait to get there. We did the Cruiserweight Classic, and then put in on show.

He then debuted as a Connecticut blue blood in the WWE as Hunter Hearst Helmsley and, over time, evolved into Triple H—who eventually found his calling as “The Game” and now as “The Creator and Destroyer.” Vince Mc Mahon’s background was in building a business, where patience can be as harmful as it is helpful, while Levesque has an entirely different understanding of the application of the usefulness of patience. We’re figuring out, with the resources allocated to that, the best possible way for it to work.

“Vince didn’t have a problem with it the second we walked out.

By the next day, the problem was evident—it had created a mutiny.” As much as Levesque is reimagining WWE, the internet has changed the entire business of pro wrestling.

Vince Mc Mahon was forced to respond to an act which some deemed sacrilege, and since Hall and Nash had left the company, and Michaels was the WWE champion, the only man left to take the hit was Levesque.

“The ‘Curtain Call’ became something more than it was in a moment in time,” explained Levesque.

“When I started to look at that, I asked myself, ‘What should that show look like? “I take a picture with our talents when they win a championship for two reasons,” said Levesque.

’ I wasn’t looking to create new fans, I was looking to build a show for our most ardent fans. “One is because I’m massively proud of them, and two, because they’re seeking me out, they want that moment. I sell tickets driven by my social media—we almost have no marketing spend for NXT.

Gone is the day that everybody loves this one character, gone is the day that everybody hates this character.

If you make a bad guy, there will be a group of people who love that character.

“The internet has changed the world,” said Levesque.

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