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Any woman who is named in this report can call me at 716-990-5740 – or email me at [email protected]– to dispute these findings and/or to discuss steps to get your “collateral” back from Keith Raniere, who prefers to be called by his self-given title of Vanguard and who uses the “collateral” to hold the DOS women in place and force them to do things they would not otherwise do. Debate exists as to whether she is a member of DOS but she is definitely part of The Knife team. Raniere imprisoned Fluffy’s other sister, Daniella Fernandez, for 18 months because she would not join the harem. Before she became a teacher of the philosophies of Mr. She hails from Vermont where collateral and female slavery is frowned upon. After having affairs with Lama Tenzin and Emiliano Salinas, she married Basit Igtet. Igtet is supportive of her financial support of DOS – and while he is supposedly against Female Genital Mutilation, he does support Female Pubic Mutilation.

DOS [Dominant Over Submissive] is a secret women’s master-slave group headed by Raniere. Her mission with The Knife is to debunk bias in media. Fluffy helped prepare Daniella’s food and put it outside her room/cell while she was imprisoned. Raniere’s sexual escapades but no evidence of that activity has surfaced. In cases such as Miss Paloma, simple nude photos are not considered ample collateral since she is not known to be shy. Sources do not know if Sara has offered her pubic region to the branding iron but are reasonably certain she has given plenty of collateral to Mr.

Lorena was dating Jorge Monje, the two actually being engaged.

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I passionately seek ways to create more joyful experiences in individuals and organizations.” 40. Raniere told Kathy Russell she could be when she becomes 60. Head NXIVM Bookkeeper, handler of all of KR’s nefarious bank transactions.

Alone on post for Keith, loveless, and boyfriendless since 2003. Presently, she appears to be off it as she has gained some weight and no longer appears anorexic. Vany Huber: Has given collateral – and is likely branded.

However, her marriage to Patrick Schnaas ended in divorce.

Lorena Rojas celebrated her last birthday on February 10, when she turned 44.

Chernitzy’s best friend, and boss, Emiliano Salinas. Whether she finds DOS slavery and blackmail appealing or whether she feels she is coerced into finding more DOS slaves is not known. An artist, Miss Salzman has of late shown a fascination for drawing women wearing symbolic “chains” similar to the ones DOS slaves are required to wear – and women who appear to be in pain or regret. David Soares, has helped out ESP on legal matters in the past – and has several family members who have been associated with ESP). Her collateral is said to be so damning that it is expected she will be a slave for years to come. Camilla (“Cami”) Fernandez: She was groomed for Mr. He has bedded her older sister, Marianna, for years. Cami represents the flower of the Fernandez family. She moved into 3 Flintlock with Karen Unterreiner, one of Mr. Collateral must be damaging enough to destroy reputations if released. Her slave master is said to be the great Raniere slave, Dani Padilla.

Whether her husband will be a happy cuckold [cornudo] for Mr. She was finally admitted openly into the harem recently after Marianna received significant counseling on her jealousy issues. There must be no safety net for the women to leave DOS. She is now said to be dating Raniere-servant Farouk Rojas.Raniere, Emiliano Salinas or other SOP men is unknown. Testimonial section; features Lyvia Cohen, https:// Diane Goodman: Came to Albany to recruit women into slavery.What is known is that the new “high octane” polygamous direction Mr. [A woman can have many husbands but there is only one Vanguard]. Her husband, Emiliano, is bisexual and prior to marrying Ludwika, he was in a gay relationship with his business partner, Alejandro Betancourt. Raniere for nearly 30 years – and has the distinction of being the most senior harem member and last of the original harem. She is married to Sean Craney, who is said to be an internet wizard who can help Mr.Lorena Rojas is a Mexican actress, singer, and songwriter.She is best known for her roles in Spanish Telenovelas, or serial television programs.Back then the star took her social media accounts to thank all her fans for their support and claimed that they actually made her day much more beautiful.

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