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Whatever the other negative comments that I read here, I love the pretty partnership of Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon they suits together, like Lee Jong Suk to Han Hyo Joo, for all leading ladies of Jong Suk I like them , both beautiful girls, have sweet personalities. I will definetly be checking High End Crush with Jung Il Woo. I thought she was really mature though had be cunning as well but anyway many have different opinions..yeah this drama is not an epic drama, and have flaws especially the bridge scene in the last episode.I enjoy the drama and story overall...i think the drama is no near bad...

I come to watch it for Lee Jong Suk but end up liking Jin Seon Yeon and Park Hae Jin as well.

i like it, its really impressive for someone who doesnt know anything abt medical like me.

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In city hunter is bad guy and prime minister is good guy... Other thing i found is prime minister secretary is serious character meanwhile in city hunter he really funny character..to the person Anne whose comment third below me, we are in the same team girl.

thats actually that disappoint me that i had to stop watching on ep10 lol.

As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk) and his father were kidnapped by North Korea. Park Hoon begins to work as a doctor in South Korea's top hospital Myungwoo University Hospital, but he feels like a complete outsider. I really preferred So Hyun with Hoon..since Jae Hee has been with him since the beginning, of course, she would end up with him instead.

In North Korea, Park Hoon was trained to become a doctor by his father who was already a doctor. To bring his love from North Korea, he does anything to make money. The only thing I didn't like was the Jae Hee was too much. I would have liked it if So Hyun ended up with Hoon instead but it doesn't matter. Beautiful *tears* I'm so glad I'm not the only one who hated the female lead jfc she was so unnecessary she should've died in episode 2 lmao!!

Wanted to post a comment only after finishing the show.

Am now done with it-Am pleased to report that the reports of this being a bad show are heavily exaggerated.

Romance must have presented a dilemma to even the writer as there is no way these tangled lovelines were going to not break some hearts. PHJ was dashing as the professional antagonist and looked awesome.

Kang So ra was the more appealing heroine to Jin se yeon's plain jane . Moon and his exchanges with LJS were looked to he having a lot if fun playing a comical character.

her character here sometimes have epic failed they don't fair to jin se yeon, if the other bashed jin se yeon in this messy character, it likes that character is good what??

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