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So when I first got into Scientology, I did 'Personal Values' and 'Integrity' and then 'Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life'.

These courses touched on the observations I was aware of when I was younger. It was amazing, and I felt that finally something was speaking my language. Pretty soon after that I got onto the 'Purification ...

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can best be described by the relationship status "It's complicated." The situation gets even more muddled in season two, when Alex crosses paths with Piper again as they're headed to trial and asks her to lie on stand. That being said, it'd be cool to meet a cool New Yorker. Has Alex softened up a little in these two seasons? You don't normally see someone like her in that position. I would definitely say Piper because she loves her, so if that were to happen — I'm not allowed to say anything — I would say she would choose Piper. So far, we're on episode three, and it's shaping up to be a really incredible season.

Piper refuses and (naturally) everything backfires because both of them switch up their planned testimonies. Bad news: The drug dealer she snitched on may or may not be trying to kill her. [Spoiler] Piper then selfishly tricks Alex into violating parole in the season finale, which means her pal is returning to Litchfield for season three. spoke with actress Laura Prepon about her regular return to the show, Nicky vs. You've said that men don't ask you out much because your being a career person scares them. I think we're really seeing this vulnerable side to her. I feel like with season one, you have to do a lot of reiterating and exposition just to keep the audience knowing who people are.

LP: For sure, but the thing that sucks is that it's making people less communicative with each other in person.

Whatever happened to being present and in the moment, and enjoying experiences with friends and family in real time, and not pausing everything to upload it onto your social? I want to be really present, because before you know it time goes by and it's like, "where the hell did this past year go? I've seen it happen to my friends, and you go to the page and there isn't even a profile.

MC: You've really managed to maintain a lot of privacy in your personal life. I feel a lot more exposed being here, but I do love the city. MC: Do you ever feel pressure to build your brand on social media the same way other celebrities have done? It seems like this strange balance that celebs have to achieve. But it's gotten to the point where now it's part of our jobs.

Your Google search mostly brings up interviews and profiles instead of tabloid reports. I'm not really a partier, so I don't go out and party. I like having my privacy, but that being said, the other day I was walking down the street and my friend told me she saw pictures of me. LP: What's so funny is if you were to talk to my publicist, she would totally laugh because this is something she and I always have these funny arguments about. If you're in the entertainment industry, you have to tweet, be on Facebook, and have Instagram.

We're bringing awareness to these issues, and causing people to think about things and create change.

It gives your job that much more validity, and it's amazing—not only doing what I absolutely love for a living, but also being on a show that has such incredible subject matter. MC: Taryn Manning told us that you get scripts nine days before filming.

Does that mean you don't know Alex's full arc going into the season? LP: It's funny because it's just something I'm used to.

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