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I was also shocked that I didn't know this was a thing!But of course it's a thing cuz everything is a thing, right?Your wife is your wife and she gave spanking a try, found it degrading in a non-sexy way, and doesn't want to do it again. Being treated with respect by our romantic partners—literally the bare-ass minimum—doesn't obligate us to indulge our partners in sex acts we find unpleasant, degrading, or disgusting.

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I'm not into anal myself and doing anal with him turns me off. He's suggesting that I play with his ass or we go our separate ways. I don't want to inflict a lot of pain, but seeing her over my lap with a bit of pink on her ass is the hottest thing in the world to me.

Over the course of the 2.5 years he's become very frustrated. My wife indulged me once—it was incredibly hot for me, but she found it degrading and refuses to do it again.

Again, no dice from the wife—it's degrading, end of discussion. I believe that Dear Prudence would side with my wife: if you don't enjoy it, don't do it.

My view is that it's a small inconvenience that brings your husband an incredible amount of joy, so of course you should do it! Wife Is So Hot Over The Knee If I were your wife, WISHOTK, your argument would carry the day—but I'm not your wife.

I suspect your wife is only fucking you once a month to keep you from straying (which you're already doing) because she believes—incorrectly—that if you aren't getting sex at home, COME, you'll leave her to go get sex.

That's obviously not the case—you're getting sex elsewhere without her knowledge (or her consent and putting her at risk in the process) and you aren't leaving.

There were some R-rated photographs of my husband and me having some pretty kinky (and pretty great) sex with our friend on his account.

My dad called me screaming about how he and my late mom were faithful to each other for 42 years and that's what marriage means and my husband and I shouldn't have gotten married at all if we were going to be having sex with other people.

Is it wrong to masturbate when my dog is on my bed? So long as your pup is a passive observer and not (ick) an active participant, he'll be fine and you won't go to jail.

About three years ago my wife declared an end to sex.

Years later his parents divorced and married to other partners. He lived at Detroit, with his three half-siblings from mother’s side.

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