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The sunset ceremony took place at the beachfront L’ Auberge Del Mar hotel with the bride, 37, donning an Ines Di Santo gown and the groom in a Hugo Boss suit.

The tennis player, 32, tied the knot with publicist Emily Snider Friday night in Del Mar, Calif., the couple confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

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Yarn is woven over and under the strands next to them, obliquely to the left or right, creating a slanted weave.

It may be single or multicolored depending largely on the type of weave. Each art form is equally demanding in its creation and requires patience, understanding, diligence – and research.

As I’m sure anyone who has ever dated can tell you, it does not seem like Kristen was “over it,” and James said as such.

At the end of Season 3, though, the duo was still pretty much together.

Instead, the lyrics ("Put me out of my misery/ Hurry up, come see me" and "I’m thinking things I’ve never thought before/ Like what your love would taste like") appear to peg her budding romance with her co-coach-turned-boyfriend Blake Shelton as the subject for the second time, following "Make Me Like You." But that could just be some clever misdirection on her part. But considering the newness factor hinted in her "so into you totally" and "I'm thinking things I never thought before/ Like what your love would taste like" lines ... (For what it's worth "Make Me Like You" falls fourth on that list, so by her description it'd be one of the sassier entries, too.

When she first shared the skinny on the track list, Gwen assured us that the first half of would be "dark and humorous." Back in November, she laid it out to Carson Daly at 97.1 as follows: "If you hear the record, the entire record — the first half was like that.

Of course, Lala and James could be a casual fling, but seeing as the people on Vanderpump Rules tend to actually date each other, I’m not so sure.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait until Season 4 starts to see just what lady has captured James’ heart.

, a new single from Gwen Stefani's third solo album has now emerged, and yes, it does fall right in line with her recent history of "life is an open book"-style lyric-slinging.

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