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"[Cranston] is the best, and the scenes we did together, I was dying. "I have seasons one, two, and three on DVD, so I was mortified, because I didn't want to ask any questions, but everyone else was coming up and asking questions, so I had to [puts fingers in his ears and starts singing] tra la la la la!

I messed up a lot of takes, because I just kept laughing. Because all the crew was caught up, and I wasn't," Mc Brayer said. "30 Rock" is coming to an end in January after seven seasons.

After studying theatre administration at the Evansville University, he began working at The Second City and IO Theatre in 1995.

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During her childhood, the family relocated to Minnesota, where she attended Apple Valley High School in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and was a member of the award-winning forensics program and the National Forensic League, In 2014, Thayer played the sudden wife of Forrest Mac Neill (Andy Daly) on the Comedy Central show "Review" for the episode "Marry, Run, Party" of the first season.

Starting in 2015, she starred in the Tru TV sitcom Those Who Can't as an incompetent teacher at a Denver high school, alongside Ben Roy, Adam Clayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl (The Grawlix).

Jack Mcbrayer attended the University of Evansville where he studied theater administration.

Jack Mc Brayer stepped into the field of acting through the Early Edition.

Me and triumph used to be co-stars on a TV show back in the day like Lassie.

An American actor and comedian, Jack Mcbrayer was born on May 27, 1983 in Georgia and later moved to Virginia at the age of 15.

He started gaining popularity from the show ‘Late Night with Conan O' Brien’.

His biography and the story behind how he slowly became a common name in Hollywood is quite interesting.

Why don't you it tell us about "The Jack & Triumph Show." What's the plot? JACK MCBRAYER: We were washed up and hit hard times and now we're back together.

CONAN: Back when you were a kid, this was your dog and you had adventures and then hard times.

She first earned public recognition for her portrayal of Tammi Littlenut on the cult series Strangers With Candy in 1999.

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