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There was that dramatic weight loss, the persistent drug rumors, the mysterious hospital stays, and a spate of stories suggesting that her many late nights haunting clubs didn't mesh well with early film-set call times.

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ELLE: Your publicist recently said you were dating.... I got this call from a friend saying, "Did you see this video that Brandon and Paris did outside of Hyde?

LL: Well, [I] say things that aren't true a lot, just because it's fun. " I go, "No, I didn't see it." And then I started getting prank calls from them on my voicemail.

LL: But Garrison and Meryl [Streep] both said to me, "People that you work with know how hard you work." People in the industry don't read this bullshit. I need a break more than anyone, but I don't even know how to take a break, because I go crazy. I went to the Metropolitan Museum and just sat there.

But they didn't take pictures of that, which sucks, because that would have been more interesting than pictures of me coming out of a club.

Although part of me had wanted to shake some sense into her, instead I just grin like a submissive chimp and pose a question.

ELLE: Do you think you're in the tabloids too much? I literally come out of my hotel and the [photographers] are there. But you know, it's actually weird when the paparazzi's not there and things aren't being written, because you kind of wonder, Do people not care anymore?

"I think everybody is in agreement that she's a marvelous actress. Right now, she just wants to have fun and I don't think anybody can blame her. " Lohan herself has long maintained that the coverage is having no adverse effect on her career prospects.

"I think Tara Reid said that too," says Richard Johnson, editor of the New York Post Page Six column, which faithfully chronicles her nocturnal rambles.

Her tabloid profile, however, suggests that perhaps the dewy innocence she brought to the screen is a testament to how deft an actress she actually is.

Her father, Michael, very publicly spun out of control and, depending on the success of his appeals, may still be serving time in a prison outside of Buffalo for, among other things, reportedly beating his brother-in-law bloody with a shoe at a family party.

LINDSAY LOHAN: You kind of ask for it when you go to nightclubs. ELLE: You must have at least initially loved all the attention. ELLE: Let me read you this quote from your Prairie Home Companion costar Garrison Keillor....

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