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There was that dramatic weight loss, the persistent drug rumors, the mysterious hospital stays, and a spate of stories suggesting that her many late nights haunting clubs didn't mesh well with early film-set call times.

And then, of course, there were girl-on-girl feuds, notably with fellow Disney sweetheart Hilary Duff.

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It's a whole game that she plays with the tabloids, and it goes back and forth.

It's valuable for her up to a point—but I think she's now past that point.

The second interview was ditched when, after showing up at her hotel, the Gansevoort, I was beckoned by cell phone across town to the Mercer hotel where her friend and apparent cell phone holder, Nate, said she was finishing lunch.

Upon arriving 15 minutes later, the restaurant was deserted, and Nate, back on the cell, informed me that they'd returned to the Gansevoort, but now, unfortunately, what with all the preparation for that night's event, she didn't have time to do the interview. It was clear that I had entered some odd universe where time, manners, and rational thought seemed to bend irreparably into the vortex surrounding one much-talked-about starlet.

But if I'm going to give my body to someone, I'd rather them not be with other people. LL: Yeah, but I want to be able to if I like someone else. He'd always be like, "Don't come over if you're going to bring 15 f---ing paparazzi! Like, if I'm seeing a guy, or if he's coming out with my friends and I have a crush on him, I'll say, "We're probably going to be written about as dating tomorrow, and they're going to take a lot of pictures. I'm very true to the "Treat people the way you want to be treated" sort of thing. Lohan glances outside and notices that the paparazzi, whose ranks have swelled to nine since she arrived, are training their mammoth lenses on the windows and snapping photos. A waiter brings over the restaurant's cordless phone and tells Lohan she has a call. I want to get away from that whole thing, because I know what it does to relationships and families. She was in the city, so I said, "Come to Bungalow, please! ELLE: You never long for a more traditional relationship with your mother?

Sorry." It's different when it's a guy who's already in the public eye. ELLE: Can you really deny that men who are dating are more appealing than available guys? Though she says this is distracting, she declines my offer to move to a table in back, where they can't see her. And watch who you associate with publicly, especially if someone has a certain rep—and it may not be their fault; maybe they have a party-girl image. I'm an actress who appreciates movies like To Catch a Thief, Kitten With a Whip, and Niagara. Holding it to her ear, she initially registers shock, gasps, and asks the caller if she's being Punk'd, then, after a few moments of listening, a smile spreads across her face. I remember my dad would always look me in the eyes and be able to tell that I was lying if I looked away for a second. I'll talk to you for the rest of the interview like this if you want, aside from me having to eat my food. And the guys that I'm attracted to now are guys that have either been to rehab and don't drink and don't smoke, or guys that just drink and smoke and don't do anything else. ELLE: See, you lost a ton of weight a while back, and you seem to have this capacity to stay up very late, and.... " And she comes there, and James Franco's sitting there, and Stavros is there, and then Jared came in. LL: Mischa Barton was out at Bungalow with her mom!

There are two distinct schools of thought on Lohan right now.

"Just because you're dancing in a nightclub doesn't mean that you're doing all these things the tabloids are saying," says Harvey Weinstein, the independent film giant whose company is releasing Bobby, about the assassination of Robert Kennedy, in which Lohan's character marries her boyfriend's brother to keep him out of Vietnam.

Although part of me had wanted to shake some sense into her, instead I just grin like a submissive chimp and pose a question.

ELLE: Do you think you're in the tabloids too much? I literally come out of my hotel and the [photographers] are there. But you know, it's actually weird when the paparazzi's not there and things aren't being written, because you kind of wonder, Do people not care anymore?

ELLE: Your publicist recently said you were dating.... I got this call from a friend saying, "Did you see this video that Brandon and Paris did outside of Hyde?

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