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The series started off with a refreshing introduction to two older women who find themselves becoming their greatest allies — despite their vastly different lifestyles.

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Frankie took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. Clearly not everyone is affected the same way." She shot Vanessa a hard look, one that reminded her that her parents had died.

They weren't wandering the streets with crazed eyes and mouths dripping blood. It didn't matter that Allison was sick - Frankie wasn't a monster. But she didn't want Melly or Beth near the sick girl.

We think Ariana's brother is just bummed that he's not a very well liked contestant and is hitching his annoying horse to Zach's awesome wagon so that they can be on next season…

just with fan-favorite Donny Thompson as his partner, not you.

The ice cream fell off Melly's spoon and splatted on the table. "She's got it," Vanessa accused from the doorway. "She needs to leave." Beth gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

Her eyes were like saucers, her mouth slack with fear. "I'm okay," Allison gasped, trying unsuccessfully to straighten up. Frankie ached to deny it, to tell Vanessa that she didn't know that, or to say something that would make all this go away. The spoon fell from Melly's hand and clattered on the floor.

Seasons one and two basically tackle the complexity of the family dynamics that forces Grace and Frankie to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives together — while they watch the men that dishonored them — excitedly embark on their loving adventure as a newly married couple.

As expected it’s not an easy transition — and the two women — particularly Grace — have a challenging journey ahead as their contrasting personalities hilariously play out to the advantage of viewers — before eventually providing the solid foundation that seals this burgeoning relationship.

"Sorry, Frankie, but she has to go." Vanessa didn't sound sorry. Allison was sick, maybe even dying, and there wasn't a thing she could do to help. Frankie drew herself up to her full height, more than a head taller than Vanessa.

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