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Vanessa pressed her lips together so hard they turned white. In the silence that followed, Allison started coughing again. "If you all want to stay in here with her and get sick, that's your call. Frankie had assumed charge; this was her burden to carry. This time they obeyed her, sidling past her into the living room.

Not me." She stormed back into the living room, slamming the door behind her. Frankie got a sudden whiff of coconut coming from the melting ice cream. They should be sharing that ice cream now, laughing about who said what at school, who was dating who and how long it was going to last, that sort of thing. Her eyes were closed; sweat plastered her frizzy hair flat against her head. The door closed behind them and it was just Frankie, Allison, and the melting ice cream. There was still clarity there but it was dull, glazed over with fever. "I'm so sorry." Allison managed a ghost of a smile."Not your fault." But Frankie still felt responsible.

has come to an end, and with it, much of the cast trying to stay relevant now that they're out of the house.

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Beth and Melly both looked at Frankie but she didn't look back at them. She shouldn't be standing here in front of a friend that might be dying. "Go into the living room." Beth's eyes grew even wider. Perhaps it was some weird form of survivor's guilt. The cloth that Melly had used to clean the blood from Allison's face lay on the side, and Frankie considered soaking it and using it to try and cool Allison's fever.

Or perhaps it was because she had told herself she would keep everyone safe and she'd failed. It sounded wetter than it had a few minutes ago, like there was something clogging her lungs. But what if this sickness was passed on through bodily fluids? Frankie sat with Allison for an hour, until darkness marched across the sky and the world sank into shadow.

Melly had wrung the cloth out but rusty stains still remained. Allison's cough got steadily worse until flecks of blood coloured the spit on her lips.

Once or twice Beth and Melly poked their heads around the living room door to see if there was anything they could do to help, and each time Frankie ordered them away.And now that the season is over, Ariana's brother spoke to "I am just now seeing some of the footage and there is no doubt that we love each other.I felt it in the house but I didn't realize how ridiculous it looks to everyone else because we are a couple. It's unbelievable." However, the latter half of Zankie decided to eliminate his "best friend" in the house, something someone truly in love probably wouldn't do.Fonda plays the uppity Grace Hansen — a retired businesswoman who has two daughters with Robert (Charlie Sheen) — a successful divorce lawyer who is swept off his feet by family friend and colleague — Sol Bergstein — played impeccably by Law & Order alum — Sam Waterston.Before the drama went down — Sol was married to “hippie art teacher” — Frances “Frankie”Bergstein — and they adopted two sons — and one of them boasts a Nigerian name (Nwabudike “Bud”)— which I still find quite impressive.As it becomes clear no one is coming to help, Frankie realises that if they wa...

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