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Skarsgard had also been said to be dating other The Giver star Taylor Swift, so it seems the media is just honing in on attractive people that would make interesting couples.The Giver opens on August 15, so I'm sure more gossip will circulate as the stars hit the red carpet for the premieres.

What I do now is I go back and I re-read the book before that season basically.

I re-read the fourth book before we started this season, and when we wrap Season 4, I’ll go back and I’ll re-read the fifth book.

There are 45 cliffhangers in an episode, but at the same time, it’s grounded and it’s about our society. Hopefully you can relate to it and you can draw parallels to our society and what people are struggling with in real life.

It’s just a wild fantastic sexy way of telling stories about our struggles in everyday life.

That makes her cry — when she’s trying to explain why she cried, she cries again. When someone does something beautiful to someone else, she cries her heart out. This season she actually has kind of her own story line, which has been great for her. She’s kind of like his annoying obnoxious teenage daughter.

She’s fantastic on the show, but she’s also the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet and completely different. She cries when she talks about a situation where she cried a couple of days ago. She’s got a great season, and I’m really happy for her.

The filmmakers were clearly too influenced by the YA phenomena The Hunger Games and Divergent, if you ask me. But I sometimes struggle taking him seriously in his other work (*cough* Battleship *cough*). Although Holmes chose to leave the Batman franchise, Maggie Gyllenhaal was an improvement in the The Dark Knight. Maybe not that nerdy (Jonas's dad did have a darkness that Arthur Weasley didn't have), I just envisioned a dad's dad.

Another issue of the casting of Skarsgard and Holmes was that frankly, I thought they were just way too damn hot to portray Jonas's parents. But choosing Skarsgard as the father and Holmes as the mother could be cool if the film is really focusing on the iciness that the people from Jonas's community have.

There’s also that tenderness between them that I love under the surface.

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