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There was once a rumor that he was engaged, but, that was brushed off.

He waits for his wife to whom he will be happily married and share himself completely.

His hometown is Xicoténcati which is in Tamaulipas.

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We all remember him from countless telenovelas, many magazine covers and a promising Hollywood crossover that would've made William Levy look like an ugly duckling.

One look at Jennifer Lopez's "Ain't It Funny" video and we were in love.

In 2002, before shooting "Chasing Papi," Eduardo started taking voice-coaching lessons to improve his English before his major crossover movie. ' That helped me understand that I was full of contradictions. Not because I didn't want it to be, but because I didn't know better," Verástegui said in a recent interview.

His coach, Jasmine O'Donnell, was a committed Catholic who helped the actor re-discover his faith. In the course of their conversations Verástegui re-discovered his faith and resolved to change his lifestyle.

He was born in the year 1971 and in the month of May and a date of 21.

In his initial days, he was seen in Mexican telenovelas as well as commercial ads.

He hails from Mexico and has a personal band name Kairo. Biography Verastegui is a very popular Mexican actor as well as a model.

He is a singer too and has made a solo music career.

Speculation is rampant that the actor best known for his role in Bella is expecting a baby with long-time partner after she was spotted with a prominent stomach bulge on Sunday evening (April 8, 2018), during romantic dinner date nearby his place.

Another source revealed that “she TWICE made toasts ...

His latest project was in 2015 in the final episode of NBL 2015 where he played the role of Celebrity guest.

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