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Honestly, this book is just one big treasure trove of information.

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HE WOULD like to assure viewers that his head isn’t actually three times as big as theirs. (He’s usually in the foreground.)DESPITE BEING comfortable online, he gets a lot of his daily news in print, from and others: “I still like the physicality of papers.”LIKE A real New Yorker, he takes the subway to work every day. “There are Radiohead days; there are Coldplay days.

My assistants love the Chet Baker days.”HE BINGE-WATCHES which reminded him of his childhood in Syracuse.

Around fifth grade, he began broadcasting from inside a cardboard box in his family’s living room in Syracuse, New York.

Soon he used his allowance to buy a cassette recorder at Radio Shack and began to interview his sister’s teenage friends.

AS A teenager, he spent his vacations working at WTVH-TV 5, the local CBS affiliate in Syracuse.

“They had a growth chart on the wall on a doorway in the newsroom,” he recalls.“When I would come in on school breaks, they would march me over and measure how much I had grown.” (He’s now five feet eleven inches.)THE HISTORICAL event he wishes he could have covered: “D-day, because of the incredible bravery and sacrifice.Of course, I would have been terrified.”HIS BIGGEST adrenaline surges come during interviews just before he drops an H-bomb question: “I’m sitting across from Mitt Romney, and I know the next question is going to be about the rate he paid on his taxes.”HE HAS no plans for a sign-off line, such as Walter Cronkite’s famous “And that’s the way it is.” “There’s something about a sign-off that seems predictable,” he says.Now that he’s been at the helm for one year, Muir talks about life as a new breed of evening anchor, his embarrassing dearth of real vices, and tweeting during commercial breaks. BUT DON’T call him “doctor”—at least not in public.“Here in New York, people will probably want ‘scrips,’ ” he says.Oh, what a world of good this book would have done for me over a year ago! If you can't laugh at some of the mistakes you have made, this book will help you learn to!

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