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For better or worse, my stuff is all out in the open.And if you have any interest in what I do, or my songs, or the records I make, you can follow the whole trail.For leagues of similarly awkward, sensitive, and self-serious teens, he became something of a poet laureate, providing high-stakes, turn-of-the-century bedroom anthems whose existential anguish and emotional drama could sound precious — if not ludicrously pretentious — to non-believers, adults in particular.

Someone’s still buying those records and I assume they’re not 40 year-olds.

It’s like that first Violent Femmes record, , arrived in 2002, Oberst’s early vision had begun to gain notice from the mainstream media, with rock journalists flinging around weighted terms that still follow him today at 34: “boy genius,” “wunderkind,” “the finest songwriter of his generation,” “The New Dylan.” And as Oberst went, so too did Saddle Creek.

We’ve never seen anything like this.'” He pulls his shoulders back.

“I’d only had it for two years, but I’m sure my technique isn’t very sophisticated.”Oberst has just stepped out from underneath the lights of a small shared studio at CBS Interactive in midtown Manhattan, where he and his guitar-playing cousin-in-law, Steve Bartolomei, have just finished performing two songs from his forthcoming solo LP, , for a video segment to air on

As part of a highly concentrated, four-day press blitz in New York, he and Bartolomei are making the radio rounds, uptown and down, satellite and online.

One half of the room’s walls are stacked floor-to-ceiling with vintage speakers; the other, where CNET hosts an online show dedicated to gadgets, has been decorated with old legos, Nintendo cartridges, and a model of the Delorean.“For whatever reason, some of my old records are totally a high-school thing: You come to high school and someone hands you one.I know that to be true because I get the royalty statements.“I was never good at math.” In December of last year, a then-27-year-old North Carolina woman named Joanie Faircloth left a string of comments on the website xo Jane, in response to an essay by a woman who had been abused by her boyfriend, a musician.In what appeared to be a display of solidarity, Faircloth alleged that Oberst, then 22, had sexually assaulted her after his longtime songwriting vehicle, Bright Eyes, had finished a show in Chapel Hill, North Carolina nearly 11 years earlier, on what was her 16th birthday: January 25, 2003. Though xo Jane would eventually delete them, Faircloth’s comments had already been archived and shared readily through various social media channels, including Tumblr, where she would subsequently start an account herself named xo Jane Commenter, which she used to answer questions and elaborate on her previous statements.I absolutely don’t recommend that you do.”Written and recorded in the three years that have passed since he quietly married Mexican musician and engineer Corina Escamilla Figueroa, finds Oberst trading bombast for nuance, and white-knuckle verbosity for relatively calm, plain-spoken tones. It was called Oberst was just seven years old the first time he took a stage.

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