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Fortunately, some areas of society were beginning to integrate.While attending an integrated camp in the Catskills, Hansberry befriended Philip Rose, a man who would become he strongest supporter, and who would fight to help create .

Who is beneatha dating

Beneatha, Walter's younger sister, wants Mama to invest it however she chooses.

Beanteah attends college and plans to become a doctor, and Walter makes it clear that he thinks her goals are impractical.

Mama: You ’bout to get your fresh little jaw slapped! Mama: It don’t sound nice for a young girl to say things like that — you wasn’t brought up that way.

Why can’t I say what I want to around here, like everybody else?

At the age of 29, Hansberry became the first African American female playwright to be produced on a Broadway stage.

The title of the play is derived from a Langston Hughes poem, "Harlem" or "Dream Deferred."Hansberry thought the lines were a fitting reflection of life for African Americans living in a vastly segregated United States.

Their fondness for each other seems to have faded during their eleven years of marriage. It's gone now - just for a second it was - you looked real young again.

This is evident in the following dialogue: WALTER: You look young this morning, baby. (Then dryly.) It's gone now - you look like yourself again.

There simple is no blasted God — there is only man and it is (MAMA absorbs this speech, studies her daughter and rises slowly and crosses to BENEATHA and slaps her powerfully across the face.

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