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There, she meets a man named Ezra who mistakes her for a college girl and informs her that he will soon be starting a new teaching post.The two feel an instant connection and end up making-out in the bathroom.She was kidnapped by "A"' while being escorted to prison in "Welcome to the Dollhouse".

Sitting down for English class, Aria discovers that Ezra is in fact her new English teacher, Mr. After an awkward moment, Aria receives a text message from an unknown "A" which reads "Aria: Maybe he fools around with students all the time. Later that night, Aria passes by Maya's house and sees Spencer.

Aria comments that she heard Hanna had been to the police station and wondered if Hanna talked about The Jenna Thing.

Aria is often seen photographing, drawing or writing.

She is imaginative and eccentric with a style completely unique.

Aria makes a comment to her dad about focusing on his family instead of work.

Ella picks up on the weirdness, but Byron plays it off as a teenage girl thing.As part of her punishment for not following his orders, Charles cut her hair short while keeping her prisoner in the dollhouse and she has kept it that length ever since. Her fashion motifs has printed dresses, boots, tights, necklaces, etc., and is interested in anything girly.The series begins with a flashback in a barn, where Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily are having a sleepover.She is hyped up on drugs to One year later and Aria and her family have returned home to Rosewood after living in Iceland for her father's sabbatical.Aria still feels troubled over her best friend’s disappearance which concerns both her parents who encourage her to reconnect with her old friends.Due to the loose connection she and Ali shared, she is not a frequent target of A, but is still forced to deal with the misfortunes A brings upon her (ruining her relationships, driving a wedge between her parents).

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