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This field of psychological thought states that there are roughly eight developmental stages that we navigate throughout our lifespan.

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According to this theory of human behavior, it is not uncommon for individuals to avoid, fight, or let fear get in the way of completing this developmental task.

Imago-relationship theory suggests that by definition each individual contains significant wounding from his/her childhood.

This posits that we each have an unconscious mechanism within our relationships whereby our partner will undoubtedly have wounds or wound us that were similar in fashion to how we were wounded in childhood.

Imago-relationship suggests that our primary relationship can be a vehicle (if navigated successfully) that can not only heal both partners childhood wounds, but also give them an experience to thrive in ways in which they have never experienced previously.

Intimacy can include trust, vulnerability, partnership, and collaboration.

This stage of development, like all stages, contains its own challenges.

It respects the right for individuals to choose what sort of life and relationship they wish to create.

Feminist theory is a reflection of autonomy and self-determination.

The relationship may last a short time or go on for a long time.

Also, member(s) may agree to engage in romantic or sexual intimacy with other people not contained within the pairing/group.

They can contribute to some of our greatest experiences of love and evoke some of our most profound experiences of fear.

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