What does dating on and off mean

Despite relationship issues that may trigger a periodic hiatus, "on-again, off-again" couples often continue to reunite out of a persistent hope that the moments of happiness and gratification they have known will eventually constitute the entire relationship.

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Reasons for such relationships to form can be complex.

Such reasons can involve things which are directly internal to the relationship, or external factors, which may or may not be within their direct control.

I suspect it's mostly just like everything else that people write into their profiles: they HEAR other people say it, and it sounds like something that they OUGHT to say to be found attractive, so they say it too."Adventurous" is coded female double-speak. Or able to do all of that on her own, definitely not the sit at home and watch TV type. The term adventurous leaves room for multiple interpretation. It is strategically used to express interest in sexual activity, without saying it directly (avoiding the bad reputation and avoiding overtly sexual responses)Pretty accurate, no? I tend to avoid people who use buzz words instead of expressing themselves bluntly.

It means: "Don't criticize me for acting immature or inappropriately in public."The flip-side is that if you behave in the same manner, the woman will call you "Immature". Going commando in something that you need to be careful in how you sit in public.3. You will have to ask each individual that feels the need to state such to really find out what they mean.

Migos will also be performing Sunday night, along with Future, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, and more.

With all the recent hype around the group, and the fact that "Bad and Boujee" has been stuck in all our heads for about six months at this point, it's probably about time we got to know Migos a little better., creator and star of the show Donald Glover raved about them in his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.They can also involve cultural reasons, such as legality in some countries of non-marital or adulterous, extra-marital, relationships, especially those outside of typical monogamous relationships such as marriage.Sometimes when couples break up, one member of the relationship may regress to their former partner for comfort after a period of time. News' Zuri Hall at The Sea Grill and talked about her the "riskiest" move she's taken lately."My last risky move, and I don't call it a risky move anymore, was falling in love," Hoda said.I often see women describing themselves as being adventurous.

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