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All of the ad houses here are now scrambling to get their clients well positioned on Wechat... However, it's requiring my phone number to sign up. That way you could communicate with you contacts right away via wechat/whatsapp instead of via text messaging, no need to ask if someone has an acct and what their ID might me. Wechat requires phone number to sign up but also gives you option to choose a unique ID.

Once you're logged on, you can remain signed-in with just the unique ID.

Although we Skype everyday, I love that my daughter leaves me a wechat message telling me what she's up to! however, other than a way to send free texts (which are really cheap anyway), I don't really see it as a day to day tool.

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It also gives you option to assign/associate an email address.

You can give the ID out and if you swap sim cards, folks can still get you with the correct ID.

Whereas with we Chat, your mobile number can be hidden.

Touringguy: you can also consider another app -- line.

It’s also the home of Zhejiang Huati Culture Communication LTD, a company that’s cultivating the next wave of China’s idol groups, the girl and boy bands that dominate East Asian popular culture. To be more precise, they’re cisgender girls, whose hair, make-up and clothes make them look uncannily like Korean boy bands – which don’t really dress like girls, but also don’t really dress like boys.

One of their bands, FFC-Acrush (the A stands for ‘Adonis’), have made headlines around the world for being a boy band made of girls. When Acrush’s five members (An Junxi, Lu Keran, Feng Yuxuan, Peng Yiyang and Lin Fan) dress up in their full regalia for concerts and pose for press images, they can easily pass for guys – it is, after all, the biggest factor driving their appeal – but on their off days, when they’re training, they are unmistakably feminine, although they choose to dress in a loose-fitting wardrobe not too dissimilar to what you might expect an off-duty R&B singer to wear.

On Android We Chat even integrates with the phone address book which is very neat.

On Android We Chat even integrates with the phone address book which is very neat. I prefer We Chat's synchronisation over several devices way more than Whatsapp. If and when you swap to another number, which occurs often when I travel, they give you option [not sure if option or requirement, can't remember??? If that occurs, then folks that ping your original number have to wait for you to swap back to original sim card AND update back to original number.

The reason for this, as the group’s management explain, is that members of FFC are from another dimension.

In this dimension, Acrush are actually guys, but when they landed on Earth they became girls (who dress as guys).

The football training probably doesn’t help, either.

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