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As long as your 'home' mobile account is still yours, it doesn't need to tie in with the active data account you might be on.Jinhua is a city in China’s Zhejiang Province that’s famous for ham and movies.On Android We Chat even integrates with the phone address book which is very neat.

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Zhejiang Huati Culture Communication LTD has outfitted a few floors of the Tencent building specifically to cultivate young pop icons.

There are dance studios, a giant lecture theatre optimised for acoustics, a recording studio, classrooms, a room with a projector, and rooms outfitted with medical equipment for when the inevitable strain of intense training (classes start at 8am and end at 10pm) takes its toll on the bodies of young girls who are selected, at least partially, for being skinny and fragile-looking.

There are some things which I still prefer on Whatsapp over We Chat (i hate it that you can't prepare messages while offline, that will be sent automatically later, something Whatsapp can do for years..), but I've noticed that I've started to use We Chat more frequently recently.. There's no reason to switch to your new number when you travel.

I keep my whatsapp logged in on my home mobile number even though I use my smartphone exclusively on my Beijing mobile number.

I have wechat but the BB interface stinks so I stay logged in on the ipad instead.

The 'Moments' function is nice to see what colleagues are up to in a non-work setting, also group chat.

Whereas with we Chat, your mobile number can be hidden.

Touringguy: you can also consider another app -- line.

Although we Skype everyday, I love that my daughter leaves me a wechat message telling me what she's up to! however, other than a way to send free texts (which are really cheap anyway), I don't really see it as a day to day tool.

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