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Establishment: - Type: AM On Air From: to: [current licence term] General Enquiries: 01 General Enquiries (email): [email protected] Licence Number: LRSL000038BA/3 .

The National Physical Laboratory, an organisation charged with ensuring that Indian time stays accurate, has signed an agreement with IFR Information Dissemination Services (IFR) Ltd., which will set up the towers and technology to purvey this time to a range of users, from phone companies to railway stations.

Formerly the transmitter would have switched at 1600 from Narodnoye Radio to Radio Radonezh.

Seems that the latter remains now always plugged in and just the carrier will be keyed on shortly before 1600.

More than 250 community radio stations are currently on air today.

[...] Tyneside to broadcast on FM (NEWS · 29 March 2018) Radio Tyneside, the hospital broadcasting service for the RVI, Freeman and Queen Elizabeth hospitals – which has been in operation since 1951 – has been granted by OFCOM a Community Radio Licence to broadcast to the Newcastle and Gateshead areas, promoting health and wellbeing for the 50 age group.

So it indeed appears that Narodnoye Radio has terminated its use of 612 k Hz, although they still show it at Since the start of the A-18 season China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation [CHBC] has become monitorable (albeit in my case only by web SDRs in the region) due to Voice of Korea vacating CHBC's sole SW frequency.

For the past few days I've been hearing the Fujian-based broadcaster crash-starting on 6185 k Hz around - UT most days [some sources state UT sign-on] and remaining there until switching off shortwave at UT.

) I would never argue with the native speakers in the region, but it seems that this item needs some explanation/further inquiry. And indeed: Shortly after 1500 UT the transmitter was off.

According to the station would have closed on this frequency years ago. But it was on at 1558 re-check, already with Radio Radonezh program audio, in this moment wrapping up Programma Blagoveshcheniye, listed separately on the page but in fact being part of the Radio Radonezh program schedule.

The news of their successful bid for the FM licence comes hard on the heels of the station being runners up in the Station of the Year category in the National Hospital Radio Awards held on 23 March 2018 in Windsor.

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