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I've kept the old web page contents below for reference, but really there is no reason to go through all the trouble when the Roku is such a superior way to enjoy baseball on TV with radio play-by-play broadcast audio. Get your radio sound and your television picture in sync, and you won't even need J. It depends on where the game is relative to the transmission path, how many satellite links are involved, processing equipment latency, and a thousand other dependencies.

I never use my Radio Delay getup any more (except for the post-season) since the Roku works so well for this and so many other things. who know the team up close and personal; guys who describe the game accurately while providing useful insight and a little humor; guys like Hall-of-Famer Jon Miller, Joe Angel, Bob Uecker, Charlie Slowes, Pat Hughes, and so on. Knowing this, you will need to tune your delay for each game, and sometimes tweak it during the game as well.

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The latter problem is what this page hopes to help you solve. I DID NOT WRITE RADIO DELAY, I am merely a satisfied user.

Don't be put off by the many steps listed, I had to expand on my initial handful of paragraphs because some people...well, let's just say some people are not sound engineers like I am. It does what its name suggests: it delays audio in your Windows sound subsystem by up 30 seconds. software (which can be a bit confusing), just plug in an i Mic and in seconds you have another sound card.

If you can't get that to stream reliably because your DSL bandwidth is insufficient, then don't waste your money on the Roku; it can't pull the video data faster than the DSL can stream it.

The instant you can ditch DSL and upgrade to cable or Fi OS, DO IT! There is no way that I can tell you how much delay there will be between radio and television, nor which will be ahead of the other.

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The other individuals, including a member of the military, who rushed to the home of Capt Clark's wife also saw the hole and agreed it was a bullet hole.'Mrs Clark sat in in El Paso, Texas, and watched the computer screen helplessly for two hours on Monday as she frantically tried to contact her husband's colleagues 8,000 miles away in Afghanistan to get him help.Equalizer file — rolls off the highs and the bass, import into Win Amp.Griffin i Mic — add an inexpensive high quality USB sound card to your desktop or laptop computer. Baseball Field Guide — sort-of pocket sized paperback booklet with excellent pictorial descriptions of Major League Baseball rules with good explanations of commonly misunderstood plays and umpire rulings.He was a string nurse who was always a team player. As he worked as a volunteer firefighter, Clark enrolled at The College at Brockport, where he decided to pursue a career in nursing. After graduating in 2006, Clark moved his family to Hawaii, where he was stationed. Diagram for AM/FM/XM Physical Radio — diagram showing how to connect a real live physical radio or Android phone w/MLB app through your computer using Radio Delay to sync radio to television video.

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