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The reason you won’t see big time improvements is that typical programs are making calls that require Inventor to do some work.

In this article we will learn how to turn off warning message using VBA in Microsoft Excel 2010.

When we run vba code / macros in our excel files, we see a lot of screen flickering as the actions are being performed on the file.

This call was chosen because it doesn’t take any processing on Inventor’s side to respond since it’s simply returning a known value.

It makes 100,000 calls of this property and without any optimizations takes 74.8 seconds to run out-of-process.

Also, we get popup messages asking to accept the “Save” or “Delete” as per the code.

We can disable these so that the code can run from start to end without disturbing the user.

The first thing to consider when looking at your program’s performance is measuring the current performance. When your program is running in another process it referred to as out-of-process.

You want to be able to determine possible areas of improvement and if your changes help the performance. Add-ins and VBA macros, (as of Inventor 2014), run in-process.

One such alert is shown below - You can turn off these notifications while the code is running and then turn them on once the code is done.

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