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Can I have a custom server control that is composed of other server controls I created. Is it possible to added few more webcontrols like table, textboxes and Buttons, (NOT Inside the datagrid but) along with the datagrid in my Custom Control? Within these controls, I want to place another custom control that will change the language.I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but I want to be positive. url=/library/en-us/cpguide/html/Shows how to combine existing controls into a new control using class composition. Is Composite control (as I know - my existing custom control class should inherit from control and implement INaming Container, and the data Grid be a part/child control of it ) is the only way of doing this ? I created the language control and had it implement IPost Back Data Handler.It works fine but the problem is: as the text box is an html element it doesn't have viewstate and when a post back occures in the page its value disappeares.

I have configured it to expose a single value (made up from a combination of the child controls' values), which is used for validation etc.

I have a large number of different composite controls in my project, which each need to be validated by a number of validators (various types - created dynamically per data requirements) Exposing the single value means that I can treat the control as a "black box" on the server side - my validators don't need to know what kind of control they are validating, just that it exposes a single value. The problem is that there seems to be no mechanism to expose a single value for a composite control on the client side, meaning that I can't treat it as a black box for client side validation: I need to write a validator for each combination of validation requirements, and control type, which messes up my clean design, adds numerous duplicate classes with very minor details in the javascript that they emit, and is generally twisting my melon.

It looks like the validator has access to the first child control of the composite control.

I'm guessing that with some seriously manky javascript DOM code, it may be possible to get the individual form elements and combine them, but it seems like a really flaky approach.

I've seen lots of (usercontrol vs web part) but not much on web part vs custom server control.

According to the MSDN site you can put web parts onto a normal page outside of a web part zone and they behave just like custom server controls.

Net 3.5 in this have both server controls and html controls rendered in a custom control?

I have a custom control in which there is an html text you click on it , a div containing a table is appeared and according to what you select in that table a text is set to the text box.

I'm sort-of hoping that someone who's spent more time reading the specs than I have will tell me I'm wrong, and where to look.

thanks Usercontrol vs Custom Server Controls, Any need for Custom Server Controls Hello I'm new to ASP.

So, if you are creating a bunch of controls for redistribution to customer sites and/or Share Point sites why don't you just create Web Par...problems listenening to events on a custom server control from another custom server control Hi all, I am having problems listening to events on one of custom server controls(Add Bookmark) from another custom server control(Bookmark List).

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