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Leah was white, 5'5", long black hair, dark brown eyes, and a slim body to go with it.Her C-cups were gorgeous with an amazing ass to go along with it. In other words, we took the necessary precautions to make sure we don't get caught." Leah didn't have anything to say to this. Alfred enjoyed watching her videos online and would fantasize (like a lot of the other male viewers, no doubt) about what he would like to do with her if he ever had the chance. It wasn't his style to drag her to an alley for a few minutes of sexual, forced satisfaction.

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Utopia online dating

He knew, in his heart of hearts, she was going to be a pleasant surprise. Alfred would spend countless hours, days, weeks, and months, coming up with a plan to obtain his latest target.

Alfred Aimes stood outside the cage, staring at his latest possession. No, Alfred was meticulous when it came to having his way with his victims.

"Nnnnngh, mmmmgh, ugh..."Leah was slowly coming to. Leah was on her stomach when she rolled over to her side with a hand on her head, trying to massage the headache away. She quickly shuffled backwards to the nearby wall behind her. There was bed, a toilet with a sink, and a small mirror hanging on the wall. Leah saw something in his eyes that, admittedly, frightened her. She stood there facing him with noticeable anger on her face. He pressed his face between the bars, sticking and wiggling his tongue at her. You look like you're going to be my favorite outta them all." Leah tried to scratch his face but Kenny dodged it in time. He didn't open it far enough for Leah to see what was inside. If she wasn't successful at her attempt to subdue Kenny, then she was in for some serious trouble. Now, then..get you more 'situated'."Kenny approached Leah's cell door. Leah thought if she bobbed her head hard enough, the gag would fall out. He yanked her hair down from behind, forcing her head up. He pulled it all the way down along Leah's right side. I can't give him the satisfaction." Kenny once again disappeared behind Leah. "You don't mind if I use your juices to help me get in your ass easier, do you? Why thank you." Kenny once again buried his fingers deep inside Leah's wet pussy. Tears poured down Leah's face as she realized this was going to be pure hell. For now, she had to focus on getting through this ordeal. "Oh my God," Leah thought, "He's getting off from this! As if fate was making fun of her, another shock went off inside her ass, returning her to high alert. He unzipped his pants and out popped his raging hard cock. Leah hated the idea, but she had to dig deep, deep inside her, much like the penetrating, shocking vibrator, and concentrate on having an orgasm. Leah lost her concentration for a moment when Kenny spoke. I'm fucking tied up with a fucking vibrator in my ass! " Kenny could tell what she was thinking thanks to her expressions. It would be hard for you to get down in this position. If you can get that plug out of your ass all on your own, I'll let you down. " Leah responded the same way she has been responding. Leah was returned to her own hell she thought she left for good. Leah thought she could expel the object out of her before Kenny left the room but much to her disappointment it was impossible.

Leah was scared when she saw a man she has never seen before inside a cage with bars separating the two of them. Upon further inspection, she realized the man in front of her wasn't the one in a cage, but it was her! Kenny knew just by looking at her, she was going to be promising. He stepped back a few steps and laughed."Whoa ho ho! Leah couldn't make out some of the things he took out. Leah suddenly realized she never mentally prepared herself for what may happen to her if she was unsuccessful at her escape! "By all means, you fucking prick, please come in." "Just as I thought: just another horny slut who can't wait to get started." With that, Kenny picked out the key from his set to open the cell door. His plan was to slowly whip away all of Leah's clothing until she was completely naked. The only thing she succeeded was causing more pain to her arms, which were still holding her body up. At the end of the chain he connected a thick-padded strap to it. Leah blinked rapidly to wipe his spit from her eye. "Gotta make sure I'm well-lubricated, otherwise you will definitely not enjoy this. Alpha has brought in plenty of prizes in the past but you are, by far, the most promising out of all of them. Leah pleaded with her eyes and moans for Kenny to just let her down. The object made her discover parts of her body she didn't even know existed. Leah now wanted more than anything to pull out the vibrator or, at the very least, run away from it. All of a sudden a painful shock erupted inside her ass, intensifying her pain immensely. Without wasting any more time, Leah concentrated on having an orgasm. He was the last person she was thinking of to help her cum. So if you wanna get out of here so badly, you're gonna have to do it yourself." "What do you mean 'do it by myself'? Little did she know, Kenny never mentioned the base of the vibrator.

A lot of men took great pleasure in watching her videos. Alfred gave her the generosity to speak when she wanted to speak. "I'll let the other two introduce themselves to you. She wasn't the first defiant victim to laugh at his name. "Believe me, I'm going to fight you every step of the way. I'm happy to hear that." Alfred's face showed excitement Leah noticed.

To those few depraved individuals, it wasn't so much as what she was interested in, but how she always looked in front of camera. Of course, most of her male viewers would leave lewd comments about her and what they would like to do to her. She would ignore them or make a joke about it, and would immediately go back to talking about her favorite video games. She tried to come up with a plan to get out of this situation. "I'm going to tell you what's going to happen next. Just a warning: It may be a little difficult for you to take in." "I don't care what you have planned for me. Let me give you a warning, fucker: You come near me, put one finger on me, you're going to die! That's how he treated all his victims on the first day. "The first thing I will tell you, which is inevitable, is that you will be raped." Alfred said this with a serious tone. Now she knew she was going to have to kill this guy and whoever else was behind her kidnapping. You can call me Alpha." Leah couldn't help herself. It may have sounded like a name he made up for himself, but that was his actual nickname. I won't give you a chance to do whatever it is you or your sick buddies have in store for me." Leah snapped back. It kind of freaked her out."There's one thing you should know about us Leah: we take extreme amount of pleasure in torturing beautiful, young, talented ladies, such as yourself."Leah's fear returned after hearing Alfred's statement.Now that the job was done, all three men were extremely satisfied with how everything went down. Most were scared shitless, cried, and pleaded with their captors to let them go. She scanned the room once more, looking for a possible way out. She somehow knew her screams wouldn't reach anybody who would help her. Leah, finally tired from her yelling, stopped as she once again looked at the stranger in front her. She wondered how many of their victims resorted to the last option before making it a rule. She thought about spitting on him, but decided not to give him a reason to hurt anyone. She didn't want to give whoever was watching her the satisfaction. The only choice Leah had, that she could only come up with, was to fight. She was especially thinking about her boyfriend, Todd. But Leah saw something in him that nobody else saw. Throughout the rest of the night she would switch back and forth from finding a way to escape, to lying down on the bed motivating herself the will to fight. He had dirty blonde hair that was short and combed over to one side. " Leah barely heard him as her vision and hearing began to fade. Kenny tossed the belt to the ground and walked over to his cart of tools. He was about to tell her to open her mouth but when he squeezed her mouth, it opened slightly. Her tongue was waving rapidly, hoping to push the ring out of her mouth. When she couldn't hold out any longer, Leah, with dread, swallowed Kenny's spit. "How come you bitches are always so eager to disobey? Kenny finally released her hair, letting her head drop forward. The only thing she could do was keep thrashing around, praying Kenny would find God in the next few seconds and realize his horrible act. Kenny had to slowly fuck her ass with his fingers to get in deeper. Listening to Leah groan and cry was music to Kenny ears. She'll never forget the experience here."You better cut that shit out. If you think this is bad, you're not going to survive what's down the road for you. Pools of saliva continued to drip from her open mouth onto the ground. It felt like an eternity passed for Leah when Kenny finally took his fingers out of her ass. Leah was grateful and didn't think she could stand it for another minute. She thought Kenny was reinserting his fingers again to continue the torture. In a minute, I am going to switch the vibrator on using this wireless remote. At the corner ceiling, Leah could see a small camera pointed at them.Alfred's partners couldn't stop apologizing to him for being doubtful. She tested the caged door, shaking it hard but to no avail. She just wanted to be able to say she did resort to crying for help. "There may be times where you think the only way to escape is to take your own life. Besides the fact it would ruin our plans, but it would also put your family and friends in danger."Leah looked back at him with shock. "If you ever do decide to take your life, we will hurt all of those close to you. Leah bet these guys who had her are waiting for her to break. She meant it when she told Alfred she was going to fight them. She remembered dropping her boyfriend off at the airport. They put a rag covered with a funny smell over my mouth. Whatever it was, it was strong enough to knock me out before I could retaliate. She was lying down on her bed, when she heard someone unlocking the door. He was wearing black cargo pants, with black military boots and a green under armor shirt. You gonna regret those words after I'm done with you. After he grabbed what he wanted, he walked back to Leah, standing in front of her. That was enough for Kenny to insert the ring gag he grabbed from the cart into her mouth. But with the strap secured around her head, it was not going to happen. He kept his hold on her until he saw she swallowed it all. Leah could only try to scrape whatever remnants of his spit were in her mouth with her tongue. Leah may have felt like she was defeated, but was still determined to stop these monsters. She was naturally tight, but Leah was clenching like hell to stop Kenny from going any further. Her heart was beating fast, causing her to take deep, shallow breaths. "That should do." Kenny said as he got up to retrieve an item. I know it must be sad for a horny slut like you, but all good things must come to an end." "This fucking guy...," Leah thought. " Kenny was still behind Leah, preparing the item he had in his hand. This definitely would be the most embarrassing and torturous moment yet. It will function normally, vibrating inside you, which I'm sure by itself would be uncomfortable enough. He saw Leah making different faces of pain and horror. The red dot told them it was recording every minute of their session. Last thing she wanted was anybody seeing her like this. The second you shit out that vibrator, I'll be back.Leah never worried about meeting her fans in public. I'd be lying if I said 'you have nothing to worry about'." Leah only looked at him with scorned eyes. His parents gave it to him at a young age when kids at school picked on him because of his unusual first name. She realized this guy wasn't your typical kidnapper.For the most part, they were polite and she would always oblige them with a photo and autograph. She already had a good idea of what he had in mind. It's one of the reasons why we chose you." So there's more than one asshole? Alfred was the name of his great-grandfather from his father's side. His mom was the one who came up with the clever name. Leah scooted to the back wall to prop herself while sitting down. This was going to be, without a doubt, the fight of her life. That's good, because the sooner you realize you're situation, the easier it will be to endure it.It's not impossible, Alfred would tell them, just difficult. Alfred had no doubt Leah was not going to disappoint him. But if you're not feeling well, it will not work out for us. He retrieved a wrapped sub and bottled water from it and walked back to Leah. But she will have to settle for breaking out of here and contacting the police. She probably could dig into it, as a result, make it bigger, but the bed frame was bolted to the ground. Even if she could it would probably take years to break through. When the door closed again, follow by a locking sound, there was a sound of switch, then light everywhere. "It seems to me, you don't care if you live or die. He yanked the belt off her neck, leaving Leah gasping for air. One way for a slave to show that for her Master is to accept a part of him." After hearing this, Leah began to thrash around. While Kenny loved seeing her this way, he slapped her hard on the face with his free hand. She couldn't breathe through her nose thanks to him. Leah tried to break out of his grip, not believing he was going to do it again. She closed her eyes, not caring what the consequences were. To her, it was the most disgusting sexual act ever. Even when his fingers were fully inside, he couldn't move an inch! The only relief she felt was how slick the object was when it went in. " Leah only moaned in displeasure as the mystery object sank deeper. The different sounds emanating from Leah, gave Kenny an erection. He pulled up a chair in front of her to get the perfect view. "I inserted a special object inside that pretty ass of yours.

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