Uruguay search and dating for friendship

In this context, President Cartes was in agreement with President Mujica on establishing a bilateral commercial and industrial commission that would address sustainable and a balanced growth in bilateral trade.

According to President Cartes: “Paraguay considers Uruguay a strategic ally in relation to logistics, fluvial transportation, and increasing the presence of both nations’ products in international markets.

Where is it that you meet potential friends (when not rock climbing…)?

Last July me and another Finnish woman and fellow blogger, Laura from Urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar, were on a blind date.

Starting next year, both parties will renew this agreement and Montevideo will host an airline conducting commercial and cargo flights to Asunción.

Social development and a renewal of the mixed committee on the war against drugs also played into their discussions.

Not on a romantic one, but rather on a blind date for friendship (a great term coined by Laura).

A couple of our common acquaintances were convinced that we should meet, and about a year later from our first introduction on Facebook, we finally did.

And even though I’m on the road myself, Laura still manages to get me hooked on her stories like no one else does (this is not just a random add for a fellow blogger.

I truly mean every single word I say and write this solely, because I feel utterly inspired by Laura’s last trip! So, even if you can’t meet this lady personally, don’t miss out on her blog. Laura @urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar is a Finnish travel and lifestyle blogger who has toured the world vastly for years and years.

It is in this context that the Paraguay–Parana intergovernmental committee was established, which will serve as a technical body for addressing logistical and transportation issues involving shipments along the Parana River originating in Paraguay.

It will also expand port infrastructure in Montevideo by building a deep-water port with access to the Atlantic.

What I personally gained from meeting Laura, was meeting one of the most likeminded, funky women Finnish travel history has ever seen.

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