Uruguay search and dating for friendship

On Friday October 25, 2013, Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes conducted his first official visit to Uruguay. Cartes’ presidential term, he has been highly engaged, pragmatic, and has worked to promote the international investment potential of Paraguay unlike any other president in the past 24 years.

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It was one of the last days I spent in Helsinki before my trip to Latin America, and I sure spent it well (the date was a way bigger success than any other blind date I’ve been on so far! The main reason I’m writing this is that if you’ve ever felt like wanting new friends at an adult age, I can tell by my own experience that it’s a great idea to ask your friends to hook you up with someone they think you’d hit it off with.

Maybe you can get a friend for a lifetime, and even if not, you’ll for sure discover new.

And even though I’m on the road myself, Laura still manages to get me hooked on her stories like no one else does (this is not just a random add for a fellow blogger.

I truly mean every single word I say and write this solely, because I feel utterly inspired by Laura’s last trip! So, even if you can’t meet this lady personally, don’t miss out on her blog. Laura @urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar is a Finnish travel and lifestyle blogger who has toured the world vastly for years and years.

Urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar is no ordinary travel blog, but rather a deep and vivid collection of personal reflections which inspire you to venture.

And the reason I write this is that only a week ago Laura and her Spanish boyfriend got back to Finland from a caravan road trip through Southern France and Spain.

Cartes’ numerous official visits have shown a highly positive, proactive and a vibrant foreign policy strategy that sooner or later will have a direct impact on improving Paraguay’s national image and attracting strategic investment to the Guaraní-speaking country.

In their official meeting, presidents Jose Mujica and Horacio Cartes agreed to further strengthen bilateral ties while asserting their respective governments’ willingness to work intensely in the areas of trade, and industrial and cultural cooperation, all within the context of mutual interests, reciprocity and friendship.

Making new friends as an adult can often times be even more difficult than finding a partner (provided you’re looking for one).

For “romantic” purposes there’s Tinder, online dating sites, bars and whatnot, but how about a database for likeminded people?

It is in this context that the Paraguay–Parana intergovernmental committee was established, which will serve as a technical body for addressing logistical and transportation issues involving shipments along the Parana River originating in Paraguay.

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