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Once we have finished modifying the TOC Styles, we click OK to insert the new Table of Contents.

This manual has a Table of Contents, images (screenshots of our application) and text. It does not use any Word 'HEADER' designs, just self-made BOLD text followed-up by bulleted lists. It was originally created in Word 2003, and later updated in Word 2007. while doing some serious updating to bring the manual forward several versions to match our most recent app. If, in fact, that is the case, then you cannot generate an automatic To C.

The To C is generated from the Heading 1, Heading 2 Heading 3, etc. These styles cannot be deleted, but you can modify them in your document file or in the .dotx/files.

Or you want/don’t want the dot leaders running up to the page numbers.

Since the Styles control the formatting of the entries in the Table of Contents, we need to modify the Styles to correct the formatting.

This seventh entry has the same formatting and options selected as the rest of the TOC. It has the same formatting style as all of the others but for some reason when the table is updated, it doesn't include this entry.

It's also a short enough title that if ellipses were added they would not spill onto the next line. I have tried reformatting both entries and recreating the TOC, but to no avail.Perhaps this is why the document hangs when you choose Update Table of Contents.If you are using the Heading styles, you may find that creating a new document and recopying the old document section by section will resolve your problem. I'm trying to create a Table of Contents for all of the tables contained in the document.I've created a custom heading style called "Table Header" which I have applied to all of the table names that I want included in the TOC.Topics include: formatting page numbers, using chapter templates, footnotes, images, and figures.

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