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Consequently, I want to tell the user that the server is processing the request _and_ disable the controls on the page.

Let's break this down into two steps: show a message, and disable the user's interaction with the controls.

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Here's my code: 1 Ajax controls/events in partial page updates w/o using Ajax Update Panel I company I work for has been using a old library ("slickback") which does XML-based form postbacks via javascript and replaces DIV tag sections (looks very much like how Ajax does panel updates).

It works somewhat okay for content updates w/o updating the page.

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Ok first we have an update panel with a literal and an asp:button with a server onclick function to change the literal text when pushed.

Then we have a standard HTML button with a javascript command to click the asp:button.

I have some Java Script code on my website that is not generated by ASP. In this Java Script Code I want to send a parameter to an aspx-webpage and this page should update the Update Panel. Clicking the controls in regular aspx will work fine - get postback and updatepanel render fine. Clicking controls will cause javascript runtime error - Line: 5820, Sys. I also have put an updateprogress control in each update panel.

NET Ajax Update Panel, but I don't know how to do this. But basically the answer to your question is that you just need to call the following function: Problem updating Ajax Update Panel with Javascript I have an Update Panel Control in a User Control that I would like to Update Using Javascript but even with the code as is, it does not seem the Update Panel is being reloaded at all. In the Parent HTML page I have the Javascript code below....function do Postbackon Control() /aspx/Update Panel/Gridview cause ajax javascript runtime error I have templated controls in Update Panel/Gridview. Is there anyway to change javascript and incorporate to Web. Sample code: **** Main - How do I update an updatepanel from a button inside another updatepanel without both updatepanels updating I have coped this example ( but changed it so that each update panel contains a button that is a trigger to change label in the other updatepanel.

Within the browser, the client Page Request Manager class performs Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation to replace existing HTML with updated markup. complex rules or badly written code ), the user may not realize that the server is processing the request.

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