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One way to set the symbol path is by entering the .sympath command.

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If the new path still includes the original path to the PDB symbol file, those symbols will not be lazily reloaded.

For more information about lazy symbol loading, see Deferred Symbol Loading.

You can use the Age Store tool to delete cached files that are older than a specified date, or to delete enough old files that the resulting size of the cache is less than a specified amount.

This can be useful if your downstream store is too large. For more information about symbol servers and symbol stores, see Symbol Stores and Symbol Servers.

If you have a directory on your computer where you manually place symbols, do not use that directory as the cache for symbols obtained from a symbol server. For example, you can manually place symbols in in your symbol path, symbols loaded from any element that appears to the right of this string are stored in the default symbol cache directory on the local computer.

For example, the following command tells the debugger to use a symbol server to get symbols from the store at and cache them in the default symbol cache directory.The debugger's default behavior is to use command, all loaded modules with export symbols are lazily reloaded.Symbols of modules with full PDB symbols will be lazily reloaded if the new path no longer includes the original path that was used to load the PDB symbols.For example, if the symbol path includes the , depending on which binaries it is debugging.) Symbol files have date and time stamps.You do not have to worry that the debugger will use the wrong symbols that it may find first in this sequence.You can download either the latest release’s source or just grab a fresh checkout.

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