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I tried updating the display driver but we ended up getting blue screens after a few seconds of being logged on. I might need to add more memory too, but I am not sure if that is 100% completely necessary. Quantity Parts # Part Description1 FC754 Processor, 80547, Pentium 4 Prescott Dt, Pentium 4 Prescott DT, 2.8GHZ, 1 MEGB, 533FSB..., SOCKET T..., E0, Male1 DD562 Base, MATRIX, SMITH, MINI TOWER..., Pentium 4 Prescott Dt, Pentium 4 Prescott DT, 2.8GHZ, 1 MEGB, 533FSB..., 31001 54981 MODULE..., INFORMATION..., NOSPEAKER1 55956 Info, No Modem included1 90729 MODULE..., SOFTWARE..., INFORMATION..., NEW TECHNOLOGY FILE SYSTEM...1 N2313 Module, Information, Software, Internet Service Provider, AOL 8.0, DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION..., PUBLICATION...1 C8586 Module, Software, Windows Media Player, 101 CC228 Module, Dual In-line Memory Module, 512, 533, 1R, Non Error Correction Code1 G0344 Module, Kit, Compact Diskette, AOL8.0, Buddy ROM, DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION...1 DH925 Module, Software, Roxio, MYDVD NON-XPS, Low Encryption1 F6405 Module, Information, No Raid, Dimension1 H8457 Module, Mouse, Universal Serial Bus, 2BTN, Entry, Lead Free Dimension1 HD756 Module, Software, Wordperfect 12, PLUS-TRIAL1 JC663 Module, Label, MSLOGO, Windows Xp, Medium1 JG088 Module, Software, PAINT SHOP PHOTO ALBUM..., 6.0 Standard, ENGLAND/ENGLISH..., Dell Americas Organization1 K1609 Module, Software, Internet Service Provider, REM MSN ICON1 K2967 Module, Information, Software, Internet Service Provider, AOL 8.0, DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION..., ASSET RECOVERY BUSINESS...1 K2972 Module, Information, Software, Internet Service Provider, AMERICA ON LINE..., PRI-OOBE1 K7257 Module, Software, Windows XP Home Service Pack 2, COMPACT DISK DRIVE..., English DAO/BCC1 KD341 Module, Software, DSPRT3.1, GTK Dimension1 M6596 Module, Software, Internet Service Provider, Net Zero1 N2307 Module, Software, Internet Service Provider, OOBE, CUSTOMIZATION...1 N6174 Module, Software, Image, Restore, Dimension1 N7965 Module, Software, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2, Dimension, English1 N9575 Module, Software, Quickbooks 2K5, Special Simple Start Edition1 P4262 Module, Keyboard, 104, UNITED STATES..., USB, LITEON..., Dimension1 P7070 Module, COMPACT DISK DRIVE..., 48X, Half Height, LTONDimension, CHASSIS 2005...1 PH652 Module, Software, Internet Service Provider, Internet Search, PORTAL1 R1494 Module, Software, Internet Service Provider, EARTHLINK..., TOTAL ACCESS 2003..., DAO1 R7823 Module, Hard Drive, 80GB, Serial Ata, #1, Generic, Dimension1 RD157 Module, Panel, Filler, 3.5 inch Form Factor, MATRIX, SMITH, MINI TOWER...1 RD933 Module, Badge, Medium Desktop, DIM31001 RF070 Module, Software, Music Match 10.1, Basic1 TC246 Module, DVD /-RW..., 16, Half Height PHPS, CHASSIS 2005..., 2nd1 TG017 Module, Software, MCAFEE..., 7, 90Day English, TRANSACTIONAL LINE OF BUSINESS...1 U2001 Module, Information, Internet Service Provider, AMERICA ON LINE..., PRI_OOBE, SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS...1 UG701 Module, Software, Sonic Solutions, Cineplayer, Dimension Extreme Performance System1 WF355 Module, Software, Gaming, ICON DAO, English, SERVER MANAGEMENT BUS...1 XC992 Ship Group, D3100, United States, England, DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION...1 Y5679 Module, Software, ADBEACBT Reader, 6.0Any recommendations for a graphics card that is compatible with this computer would be appreciated.

updating the 3100c-83

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This information is for Mac computers using mac OS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, or Mavericks.

Similar information is available for Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Lion. It's updated shortly after new software becomes available or a vendor discontinues support for a model.

What driver updates on the dell website do I need to install and how do I do it without interner connection(usb?

The world nowadays is going to run faster than we ever think about.

Canon image RUNNER 3100C-E1 Driver is a software that connects between Canon image RUNNER 3100C-E1 Printer and a computer.

The driver is utilized by the operating system to communicate with the Canon image RUNNER 3100C-E1.

Textual content high-quality was very good – not very up to laser-printer standards, but a lot more than suitable for some routine printing duties.

The Canon image RUNNER 3100C-E1 just isn’t quite as faultless in terms of creating graphics.

For example, a printer with model number 5070 might use software for the 5000 series of printers.

The third-party vendor no longer provides software for the following models to download and install as software updates.

She can start the program and play for a few minutes; then her computer freezes up for about 10 seconds, then resizes the monitor resolution to 640×480 and displays everything in 4 colors.

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