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Thank you for taking time reading this tutorial and I hope it served your purposes. Vinoth is a Server Administrator turned Full stack web developer.

updating rake-76updating rake-1updating rake-87

We’ve got the functionality, now use your imagination for the design.

All the sample code used in this tutorial is available in Github feel free to fork and poke.

A feed is a stream where the updated content is published in one of the standardized formats and can be consumed by readers, like RSS clients.

Consuming an RSS feed lets you follow many of your favorite websites and gather updated information in a single place.

When running the command below, Git Lab will detect a conflict and remove and related commands.

This does not affect Debian-based systems (Debian, Ubuntu).

This task could be scheduled to run in periodic intervals to sync the feed content with our database.

Start by creating a rake task inside lib/tasks called

As a workaround on RPM-based systems, please run the following command after upgrading to the package repository, the first time: sudo ln -sf \ /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-ctl \ /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-rake \ /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-rails \ /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-ci-rake \ /opt/gitlab/bin/gitlab-ci-rails \ /usr/bin/ Note that the post-install message of the package will also tell you to make this change.

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We are updating every time to keep up with any change in the source content.

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