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Find the instructions for Debian / Ubuntu here and the instructions for Cent OS here.

If you are not comfortable installing the repository through a piped script, you can find the entire script here.

This task could be scheduled to run in periodic intervals to sync the feed content with our database.

updating rake-64

With the passing of my Mom there really isn't much keeping me here in Texas. It's one of the last strongholds for independent thinking people but its time to move on to another place.

Unfortunately my old home base in Las Vegas has been taken over by the liberal robots so this time I'm heading up north hoping to find a stronghold of free thinking folks where I can put down some new roots.

We can create the Entry model directly by running the following command: With that, we’ve completely sett up the models.

Now it’s time to create that rake task to fill the Entry model from the Feeds that have been added: As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll have a rake task as an entry point for all the data in the Entries table.

With Git Lab 7.10 we have introduced the package repositories for Git Lab, that allow you to install Git Lab with a simple 'apt-get' command.

If you are coming from a manually downloaded Omnibus package, you can quickly and easily upgrade.We moved into the new shop up in Nevada Texas on April 5th and figured that we'd be up and running in less than a month but here we are four months down the road and only about 50% ready to get working again.Sportster Projects are finally underway after many years. One is a stock 81 that's going to get the 'mild' treatment and one's is based upon a fairly radical Paughco frame as seen below.Thank you for taking time reading this tutorial and I hope it served your purposes. Vinoth is a Server Administrator turned Full stack web developer.He loves to try his hands on multiple programming languages but his primary programming language of choice is Ruby.An RSS feed is a data format used by websites (mainly blogs) to deliver content to users.

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