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Maintaining a current backup file on your computer might allow you to recover device data if your network, software updates are automatically downloaded and installed on your device.

When this feature is turned on, you aren't notified when an update starts installing, but you may be asked to restart your device to complete the installation.

updating operating system on blackberry-15

That is, honestly, pretty pathetic and not something I can condone.

I think the trade-in program is neat and all, but it's the least Black Berry could offer at this point (which is admittedly more than some OEMs do at a device's end-of-life).

Black Berry launched into the Android world in 2015 with the Priv, a phone to satisfy those who need to be super-secure.

At that time, the company promised that it would update the phone for two years, though it was pretty confident in its ability to lock down insecure parts of the operating system.

Now, two years after its release, the Priv is officially dead.

As per usual with Android flagships, the Black Berry Priv shipped with a two-year update policy, and we’ve definitely surpassed that at this point.

There’s good news out there for anyone clinging to their Black Berry Classic like a silicon security blanket: Black Berry has announced that it will be supporting its BB10 operating system for at least another two years, giving yet another stay of execution to the long-defunct OS.

Released way back in 2012, the Black Berry 10 operating system was Black Berry’s last great hope for creating a modern smartphone platform.

If a computer is running Microsoft® Windows® XP you can reinstall Microsoft® Windows® XP back on the computer to try and resolve issues.

You require the following items to reload Black Berry Device Software to a Black Berry smartphone: The update process takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

The goal was to offer all the major apps like Android and i OS and serve as a viable competitor to Apple and Google’s smartphone ecosystems.

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