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SIM Swapping Fraud is the act in which a fraudster requests for a new SIM card to be issued for your existing mobile by approaching your mobile operator without your consent or knowledge.

With the mobile phone now being the primary method that people access their banking accounts and other important services, keeping your mobile safe is more important than ever.

Register for Stay Smart Online Alert Service, a free Government-run service to alert you of new online threats as they are identified.

Our Two-Way SMS Alert service has been designed to help you keep your credit card purchases safe.

Learn more about Citi Mobile The Online Authorisation Code (OAC) is a security feature of Citibank Online that provides you with added protection when you are adding a new payee.

When adding a new payee, the OAC will be sent to your registered mobile phone number via SMS before you can transfer funds. Updating your contact details is easy at Citibank Online.

A fraudster gaining access to your mobile phone by means of SIM Porting or SIM Swapping can lead to unauthorised access to your digital accounts by intercepting authorisation texts or overriding touch authentication.

Credit card fraud can occur when someone obtains your credit card details and uses them over the phone or on the Internet to make purchases in your name.

You will need to ensure your mobile number is up-to-date.

Updating your contact details is easy at Citibank Online.

This works by combining 'something that you know' and 'something that you have' (passcode and mobile phone) to ensure that you are the only person that can access your account.

Citi Mobile Token allows you to generate a One-Time PIN, without your mobile phone requiring an internet connection or network coverage, providing convenient online banking anywhere, anytime.

Citi recommends customers remain alert for malware threats and review our Online Security Tips.

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