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Millions may be spent on engineering design and legal fees in the context of policy or in- vestment projects.

A few tens of thousands of pounds on a valuation study often produces the cry that it is ˜too expensive™.

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Some want to lie down in front of the bulldozers, protest to their Members of Parliament, write to the newspapers, appeal to some moral principle or other.

For the most part quietly, environmental economists have sought a different route.

The same bias works in reverse: existing land is not converted back to, say, woodland because some of the woodland bene¬ts have no market.

But this is a result that derives from a perversion of economics “ markets ˜fail™ to allocate resources properly because many of those resources have no price, even though they have potentially substantial economic value.

In turn, that value derives from carbon dioxide being ˜¬xed™ by growing biomass or from the fact that it is stored rather than released as carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas.

These observations de¬ne the ¬rst stage of the economic argument for correcting the economic system™s biases.Certainly, viewed from a global perspective, there is a one-to-one relationship between the decline of forested land and the increase in land devoted to crops and pasture.The factors giving rise to land use change are many and varied.At the end of the day, and like it or not, the ¬nancial balance sheet drives land conversion.It pays to convert land because the ¬nancial returns from conversion exceed those from conservation.Applied Environmental Economics The complex real-world interactions between the economy and the environment form both the focus of and the main barrier to applied research within the ¬eld of environmental economics. n Contents List of plates page ix List of ¬gures x List of tables xii Foreword by David W.

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