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Before an update is released to the Semi-annual Channel, it is being held in the Semi-annual Channel (Targeted) for 4 months which itself is at least 2 months behind the Monthly Channel.

This means that the Semi-annual Channel can be 6 to 24 months behind the Monthly Channel.

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This build is recommended to be assigned to a select amount of people within a corporation that has decided to use the Semi-annual Channel.

The Semi-annual Channel will only receive 2 updates per year and will receive the updates with a delay as well.

Based on which channel you are in, you’ll get certain updates sooner or later than others.

Depending on your subscription and installation type you can control which channel you are in.

These installations aren’t updated via Office 365 but via Windows Update.

Updates are being released monthly but these usually only contain fixes or changes that have been reported or requested by Volume License customers.This is where you want to be as someone that just wants to use the latest version of the Office software.As the name suggests, updates are released once a month and can contain new features that have been publicly tested by the Office Insiders and people in the Monthly Channel (Targeted).The Monthly Channel (Targeted) releases can be best compared with the Release Preview Ring and for Office Insider the Windows Insider Slow Ring is a closer match.Either way, they can definitely be more buggy than the Monthly Channel build.The Semi-annual Channel (Targeted) contains the new features and fixes that will ultimately be added to the Semi-annual Channel.

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